The Muse Unlocked by Chris Kuhn

The Muse UnlockedWe wanted to come back from our summer break with a bang, and boy do we have the book to do just that. Tomorrow marks a very special day for author Chris Kuhn. Her first novel, The Muse Unlocked, debuts and we were fortunate (and extremely honoured) to receive an advance copy.

If you follow Chris on Twitter, you will quickly learn a few things about her: she loves music and always knows what song is perfect for any given mood, she has an amazing ability to see the good in people, and she is oh so passionate about writing. Not only does this story have one hell of a soundtrack, but it’s these traits that have allowed her to create some heartwarming, loveable, and beautifully human characters who’s lives she has masterfully blended to create a charming tale of love and self discovery.

In The Muse Unlocked, we’re introduced to Cate, a successful screenwriter in her late thirties, and Oliver, a gorgeous twenty-something actor hired to star in Cate’s latest project. As we get our first glimpse of Cate, we see a woman who’s trapped; trapped by the restraints of her troubled past, a loveless marriage, and thoughts that she is undeserving of the light that has entered her life. But as Oliver settles into his role as the leading man both in Cate’s movie and her life, she slowly begins to unlock her restraints and learns what it’s like to be in love again. Oh, and we should warn you – be prepared to swoon over Oliver again and again.

Be sure to follow Chris on Twitter, Facebook or her website, where she will be announcing the official release tomorrow and sharing the link to where you can buy this book.

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