Poetry Wednesday: Poets And Poetry by Caroline Juliette

Today’s brand new poem comes from the lovely and talented Caroline Juliette, and couldn’t be more appropriate for our Poetry Wednesday feature. In this beautiful and expressive poem Poets And Poetry, Caroline shares with us the intimate and delicate process of a poet writing a new piece and reminds us of how powerful the written word can be.

A penstroke is our caress
Words on the page the fingertips
Following every curve
Fulfilling every desire
Pleasure beyond measure
To the depths of our aching souls
We make love with our words
You push
I pull
Never giving up
Ecstatic in our release
Sweet words
Seductive words
Satiating until there are no more
Words become a lifeline
A connection to our hearts
Poets and poetry
Our dreams, hearts, and souls
Splattered on the page for all to see
Made up of 26 letters
I hope you take away all I give
And leave a comment if you may

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