So The Story Goes is the love child of writers Karen M Hanks and SA Mac Neil. Brought together by their mutual adoration of local, Canadian authors, they both embarked on the journey of writing; Karen in novel writing and SA in poetry.

Along this journey, they have connected with hundreds of talented indie writers from around the world, many of whom are just starting out in this industry and several others who have self published some beautiful stories. While getting to know them, we realized that indie authors really work their butts off to promote their work and gain new readers, and readers may be missing out on some literary gems simply because they don’t know where to look.

Our goal is to help get these gems out into the world for more people to discover. Unlike other book blogs, So The Story Goes won’t be heavily filled with reviews – we wouldn’t be showcasing these publications if we didn’t like them and as new writers ourselves, we’re not looking to put anybody down. Instead, we’ll simply let you know why we think these authors are worth checking out, where you can find their work, and then let your love for reading take over.

Happy reading!

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