Our Christmas Wish List

We’ve been busy little elves getting ready for the Christmas break; trimming the tree, baking cookies and finishing up our wish lists. In the midst of all the cheer, we thought – why don’t we share a wish list with all of you? So that’s just what we’ve done. We’ve put together a list of all the wonderful books we’ve featured this year. Any one of them would make a great gift idea for that hard to shop for friend, or someone on your list that loves to read! And Amazon has made it super easy for you – you can send any eBook as a gift so you don’t have to worry about which eReader they use. It’ll just show up in their email on whatever day you’d like. How wonderful is that?

We hope you all have a very merry Christmas. See you again in 2014. Happy reading!

Mid Air Collusion by Charming Man: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008QZA7PY

The Muse Unlocked by Chris Kuhn: http://amzn.com/B00EKTOT04

Perfect Pleasures by Cameron Lincoln: http://www.cameron-lincoln.com/perfect-pleasures.html

Out On Business by Lisa Fulham: http://amzn.com/B00E3EQOAE

Opus Angelicus by Steve Richards: http://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00FPQVV5C

Sharing Kate by Chase Boehner: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BH786VA

Red Letters by Krystina Stevens: http://amzn.com/B00APOHOJQ

The Cougar Diaries by Aoife Brenan: http://amzn.com/B00BHIUK6S

Extra Marital Pleasures by Cameron Lincoln: http://amzn.com/B008GMWVLU

Just Watch Me by Kenny Wright: http://amzn.com/B00CF5GNTA

Erotic Escapades by Chase Boehner: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CM1ZR8K

Saudade by BL Ronan: http://amzn.com/B00CQUFOI0

Blog Tour: Day 3 with Chris Kuhn and The Muse Unlocked

We hope you’ve enjoyed Chris Kuhn‘s blog tour stop as much as we have, and wanted to thank her for the fun quotes, brand new poem, and never-before shared scene from her book, The Muse Unlocked, which we’re sharing with you *drum roll please* right now! But wait! Before you scroll down to read this yummy (and we’re not talking about the wine) scene, Chris has a few words to share about this bonus excerpt. Take it away, Chris!

For those who have read THE MUSE UNLOCKED, you may recall a reference to this event in a later chapter from the book. However, the scene itself does not appear in the novel and has never been shared. That is, until now… I hope that readers will enjoy another small glimpse into these characters’ lives.

And for those who have not yet read the book, never fear. There is nothing here that will spoil a later introduction to the book for you but you’ll get a chance to meet screenwriter/author Cate Mullen and film and TV actor Oliver Sand in this slice-of-life scene that you will, I hope, enjoy, as well.

– Chris Kuhn, author of THE MUSE UNLOCKED  


Oliver stretched out on the chaise lounge and flipped through a pamphlet as Cate stepped outside to join him, drying her hands with a towel, and then turning to two filled wine glasses to carry them out to the patio. “What are you reading?” she looked at him quizzically as she handed him a glass.

He sat up in the chaise, smiling as he took the glass from her hand, “Thanks. Just a little something I found in the pantry.” He took a sip and cocked his head to one side. “Mmm. This is good. Merlot?”

Cate sipped her wine slowly, peering at him over the glass and smiling to herself. “Close. You’re getting better at identifying them. This is actually what’s known as a vintner’s blend – cabernet merlot. But nice job.” She nestled into the Adirondack chair, tucking her feet under her body. “So you still haven’t said? What is that you’re reading?”

Oliver laid the pamphlet on his lap and sighed loudly. “When were you going to tell me, Cate? Were you really going to keep this bit of information from me?” he stared down at the screenwriter, offering up a stern look that couldn’t completely mask the playful smirk beneath it. “Did you really think I wasn’t going to find out?”

Cate lifted herself away from the chair, shaking her head and chuckling. “What the hell are you talking about? Did I pour you one too many drinks tonight?”

Oliver swung his legs over to one side on the chaise and pointed to the pamphlet. “This, Cate. I found this in the pantry along with a cleverly concealed piece of equipment that I think somebody was trying to keep hidden from visitors. But I being the inquisitive and clever guest that I am found it,” he said proudly, his smirk completing the cycle and transforming into his signature beaming smile. He held up the pamphlet now for Cate to see. “Pasta, Cate? You like to make…pasta?” What started as a low, slowly building snicker escalated into outright laughter that Cate found completely endearing and sexy as hell.

Cate leaned forward and snatched the flimsy product manual out of his hands and joined him in the chuckles. “Yes, you caught me. I have a pasta maker. I received it as a gift one year. But I don’t use it. It’s far easier to go down to the store and buy it.

“But it’s much better fresh,” Oliver shot her a scolding look laced with a grin.

“And you know this because you’re a world renowned pasta chef, right?” Cate dipped her head down to sip her drink, smiling as her lips hit the rim of the glass.

“Well,” Oliver paused and shrugged his shoulders then lifted his lean but muscular frame off of the chair, stretching as he did. Cate couldn’t help noticing his exquisitely carved abs sneaking out under the tight-fitting black T-shirt as he raised his arms. “It just so happens I am an excellent pasta chef. I’ve made it many times. But not with some crazy machine.”

Cate looked up at him, sipped her drink once more then set it beside her on the end table. She rose up to meet him or at least stand next to him since he had six inches in height on her. “Are you telling me that you, Mr. Movie-Star-on-the-Rise, rather than hop on your motorcycle and head down to the grocery store like everyone else and pick up a ninety-five cent box of pasta, you are at home in your apartment kitchen sweating over the stove making pasta from scratch?”

“Well, I don’t get that sweaty but yes, I do make it myself. And it’s really not all that hard. You don’t need much. Do you have eggs, Cate?”

Cate looked at the handsome actor who had once again managed to surprise her. “Huh?” she said distractedly. “Oh, eggs? Yes.”

“Do you have unbleached flour?”

“I think so.”

“That and some salt, and we’ve got everything we need. In fact,” he moved in closer to Cate, pulling her body against his and circling her waist with his arms. “I’m going to show you exactly” he kissed next to her right ear “how to” then kissed her left ear “do it” and punctuated the playful pronouncement with a kiss on top of her nose. “Right now.” He leaned down to kiss her on the mouth, and Cate could feel her entire body turn to mush as he lingered on her lips.

When he finally pulled back smiling at her but keeping her in the grasp of his firm arms, she stumbled a bit to respond. “Um, right– right now?”

“Yes,” he nodded confidently and enveloping her hand in his, guiding her back into the screenwriter’s kitchen. He pulled down items from cabinets and out of the refrigerator – each ingredient measured out and poured into smaller bowls, a big mixing bowl here, a whisk there – and before Cate knew what was happening, the two were standing beside each other at her butcher’s block in the center of her kitchen in what could only appear to others peeking in as a cooking demo set-up. She wondered when Martha Stewart would walk through the door.

“Okay, Cate. Are you ready?”

Cate looked around for her glass of wine, chuckling to herself. “I can’t believe we’re really doing this.” She finally spotted it on the counter and happily took one final swig before returning to her post beside her handsome instructor. “Okay, teach. Fire up the lesson. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.”

As he walked her through each step of the pasta-making process, Cate found herself entranced with the man beside her, both patient and playful, yet serious about each step and keeping his doting student interested and entertained. Each time, they’d finish the next step in the process, he’d lean down to kiss her on the lips while caressing her bottom with his flour-covered fingers. She was pretty certain by now her ass must look like a powdered donut. Oh, Oliver. You don’t have to worry about me staying interested. You just have to show up and breathe, and already you’ve got my full attention.

By the time the two had mixed, whisked, blended, rubbed, patted, kneaded, folded, balled, sliced and flattened each inch of dough before them, his black shirt was covered in white-speckles of flour, front and back. And Cate was doused in every possible way, both on the surface of her flour-covered blouse and jeans as well as down below in her Oliver-arousing, soaked panties, stimulated by each fondle and show of affection the actor integrated into the cooking lesson. Yes, by the end of Pasta 101, Cate found herself more twisted and wound up than the spirals the two had just painstakingly made. She looked down at the floor beneath them as he finished placing the last set of flour-covered utensils in the sink to begin rinsing them.

“Have you looked down lately?” she laughed out loud after discovering the tile floor beneath them was as covered with flour as the two pasta-making lovebirds.

Oliver stopped his work at the sink to glance at the floor. “Oh wow, Cate. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for us to make such a mess of your kitchen. Where’s your broom? I’ll clean up.” He started to head for the closet and she stepped before him reaching out to grab his arms.

“Don’t.” He stopped in his tracks before her and looked down into her eyes. “Don’t worry about it, Oliver. I’m not. I only noticed it. But I really think there’s a much bigger problem at hand.” Her face turned more serious.

He moved in closer to her, a look of concern sweeping across his face. “What, Cate? What’s wrong? Did I do something to upset you?”

Her serious look softened. “Just look at you. You are a mess. And I am a mess, too,” her face transformed into a shy smile, tinged with a bit of rose in her cheeks. She reached for the bottom of his T-shirt tucked into his jeans and began pulling it out and upward to remove it. “You can’t stay wearing these messy things. You’ll trail flour throughout my house.” She shot him now a broader, more confident smile as he raised his arms and removed his shirt enthusiastically in response, returning her beaming smile yet remaining quiet the entire time. Occasionally, he would let out a soft chuckle as he watched the woman before him muster up the courage to unbuckle his pants and kneel before him to slide his jeans down to the floor, for which he cooperated eagerly, stepping out of them once they reached the ground. After peeling each layer of clothing off of his lover, Oliver gently picked up Cate in his arms and delivered the two of them to the bathroom for a shower. Kitchen clean-up could wait.

Where to find this book:
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/The-Muse-Unlocked-Series/dp/1489557962/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1385145120&sr=8-1&keywords=the+muse+unlocked

Blog Tour: Day 2 with Chris Kuhn and The Muse Unlocked

We hope you’ve enjoyed the brand new poem Chris Kuhn shared with us earlier this week as part of her Blog Tour. If you haven’t had the chance to read it yet, be sure to check it out. It’s from the perspective of Oliver; a view we’re dying to see more of.

Today, we’re sharing a short passage from The Muse Unlocked. Just a little something to get you in the mood for the never-before-seen scene that Chris will be sharing exclusively with us on Friday. Grab a glass of your favourite Merlot and enjoy!

Blog Tour: Chris Kuhn and The Muse Unlocked

We’re very excited to start this week off with something new here on So The Story Goes – our very first blog tour visit. And we’re thrilled that it’s by a favourite of ours, Chris Kuhn, and her book, The Muse Unlocked. We first featured this book when it was released back in August, and since then it has been getting some wonderful praise amongst readers. Now, Chris is hitting the (virtual) road to share some extra goodies with new and existing readers alike. She’ll will be with us on our blog and Twitter all week with some wonderful extras (including a deleted scene that you won’t want to miss), so be sure to check back for more Oliver and Cate goodness! Today we get a rare glimpse into the heart of Oliver in this brand new poem, To Prove.

To Prove
A poem inspired by THE MUSE UNLOCKED by chris kuhn

It is so very easy to doubt
A pretty face rarely compels
There’s still a lot to prove
Though that face always sells.

But your words give me power
They awaken, stir me inside
And though I’ve yet to earn them
They yield truth, nowhere to hide.

How can I ever convince you
This is not a game or a ruse?
Everything I had locked away
Now has been opened by you.

Don’t be fooled by these masks
And what reeks of deception
It is simply a means to an end
To plot out a rousing reception.

But you have brought me forth
Reached inside and led me here
A place of truth I never imagined
And one that I no longer fear.

Please don’t let me return there
To become a canvas merely seen
Let me breathe life into your words
And prove that voice should be me.

Where to find this book:
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/The-Muse-Unlocked-Series-Volume/dp/1489557962/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1377273672&sr=8-1&keywords=the+muse+unlocked

Poetry Wednesday: Untitled Poem by Rayona Tuneelo

It’s Poetry Wednesday once again and we’re very pleased to be featuring the fabulous Rayona Tuneelo. We were introduced to this British poet on Google+ and were instantly drawn to her poignant and powerful prose. Having only been writing poetry for 6 months, Rayona has already amassed an impressive collection of work. Her words are genuine, impassioned and raw. We trust you’ll enjoy the following poem and hope you’ll check out more of her work.

I’m not quite sure I understand.
What there is to get.

These little lines are pointing,
Telling signs,
Convulsing into fret.

You breathe.
You walk.
You tell the time.

To strangers.
Passing on their way.

But what is our time?
Where are our lines?
What is it you wish to say?

I’m certain.
I don’t know what this,
This pang exploding in my chest.

Is telling me.
Is it yelling to me?
Shouting out in loud protest?

It’s utterly.
More demanding than I’d like this place to be.

We’re inbetweeners.
Stuck in solitude.
Between the free.

I think I know.
A little bit.
About some things.
But not a lot.

Not about you.
Not what you feel.
Not this mystery tied up in one great knot.

It’s not that fair.
The words I write.
When I don’t tell you all of me.

But you don’t ask.
So what’s to tell?
This notion could be one sweet fantasy.

I’m not quite sure I understand.
But sometimes truth is worse to find.

It’s better playing in the game.
Than standing outside on the line.

An Interview with Steve Richards

Today we’re very excited to welcome our friend and author of the newly released Opus Angelicus, Steve Richards.

Steve Richards: Hello there, thank you for having me.

So The Story Goes: Thank you Steve for taking the time to visit with us. As fans of yours, we were so excited to learn of the release of Opus Angelicus. It’s such a beautifully written collection of erotic stories and we’re very pleased to share it with our readers.

SR: It’s my pleasure to be here and may I just say a huge thank you for the fabulous review you gave my work! I’m humbled by your praise and pleased beyond words that people like the stories I’ve written.

STSG: It is praise that is very well deserved for such great work.

When did you start writing? Have you always had a passion for it?

SR: Oh gosh, I’ve been writing little poems and comic verse since I was about 16, so quite a long time, but I only began creating work like this in about November last year (2012). I have a passion for reading and I love the power of words so I guess you could say it sprang from there.

STSG: How did you decide to write in the erotica genre?

SR: I have a very open and relaxed attitude regarding sex, I’m not in the least prudish. I’ve always found erotica to be very stimulating and absolutely adore and admire the works of people like Anais Nin and Tiffany Reisz. I’ve read countless books in all genres but my favourite is most definitely erotica so it just seemed natural for me to write my own.

STSG: It certainly seems to come naturally to you. Your passion translates beautifully onto the page.

Many new writers find it intimidating to share their work. Did you find it difficult? And if so, what gave you that push to do it?

SR: Oh yes, I did find it difficult! In fact I still do! The moment before I push that publish button is filled with trepidation and it takes an awful lot of ‘psyching myself up’ to do it! I must say though that the encouragement I receive from both friends and family, gives me the impetus to continue.

STSG: As a writer of both poetry and short stories, do you have a preference for one medium over the other?

SR: Hmmm, good question. I suppose it depends on what I’m writing as to whether it comes out as prose or verse and of course, what the muse happens to be whispering in my ear at the time! Some things just lend themselves to poetry.

STSG: We agree, as I’m sure many others would, Angel is every woman’s dream man!

Where did you draw your inspiration from in developing this character?

SR: Thank you, I intended him from the start to be perfect in every way so I’m glad you and everyone else thinks he is! I believe women are the greatest of Gods creations and deserve to be treated with love and respect; I wanted Angel to embody that idea and be the epitome of a ‘dream man’!

STSG: On behalf of ladies everywhere may we just say, you sir, are a true gentleman.

Is there a little bit of Steve in Angel?

SR: As far as he embodies my feelings about how to treat a lady then yes, there’s definitely some of me in him – quite a lot actually! Now if I could just perform like him and work some magic…

STSG: Take it from us, you certainly work some magic through your story telling. Ladies everywhere will be trying their hardest to will an Angel to appear after reading this book!

Out of all the stories in Opus Angelicus, do you have a favorite?

SR: They are like my children and I love them all equally, each of them having endearing qualities that make them special to me in some way. If I had to pick one, then it would probably be Opus Auxilior but as I said, I love each one of them.

STSG: Please tell us this is not the end of the series. There will be more to come for these characters, right?

SR: Oh this is most definitely NOT the end! I have a lot more lined up for these characters to explore, in fact the very next adventure is in the planning and research stage right now!

STSG: Yay! We are so excited to see what happens next for these two.

There is definite character development and story progression within the series. Do you have an overall vision of where the story will go and how the characters will end up?

SR: Another great question! I do indeed know how they’ll end up, having already made notes for what would be their final story, though that’s a long way off yet – there’s still so much fun for them to have! As to how they get there, who knows? I’m still listening to the muse and working with what she gives me!

STSG: Do you have any aspirations to write a full length novel or maybe to write in another genre?

SR: I would like to think that I had a full length novel in me though I’m not sure if I have the ability to carry it off! As for another genre, well maybe but I’m having great fun with erotica at the moment, perhaps a cross over – horror and sex – that always works well!

STSG: Well whatever else you may decide to do next, always know you’ve got friends and fans here at STSG! Thank you again for taking the time to chat with us Steve. It’s always a pleasure. And may we just say again, we can’t wait for the next Angelicus story! *cue happy dance*

SR:  Before I go I’d like to thank you once again for the fabulous review, for promoting me and my book, for this opportunity to let people know a little bit more about me and to all my readers everywhere for following my work! Your constant support and encouragement is always greatly appreciated! Regards, Steve 😀 xxx

Be sure to head over to Amazon and grab your copy of Opus Angelicus today!

Opus Angelicus by Steve Richards

We’ve always said that Twitter is a wellspring of talent, and today’s featured writer is no exception. Though he is no longer a resident of the Twitterverse, this is in fact where we first met him. It didn’t take long to figure out that Steve Richards is not only a delightfully charming and witty man, but also a magnificent writer.

Opus Angelicus is a compilation of short stories following a female character and her lover, Angel. But not just any lover. Oh no! We’re talking about every woman’s dream come true. Angel is quite literally, an angel.  Whenever she needs him, he is there. Angel exists solely for her. He is her protector, her confidant, her friend and her lover.

“I am an angel sent by God to love you, to watch over you and protect you. To pick you up when you fall, to keep you safe from all harm and to answer your every desire. I belong to you completely, having no meaning to my existence other than to please you and be there for you in your times of need.” (*sigh* Cue the mass swooning of ladies everywhere)

Each story is told from the perspective of Angel and written in such a way as to place the reader in the role of the female lead. The superb writing of this character makes assuming this role effortless. Everyone can relate to feelings of vulnerability, insecurity and the desire to be loved and accepted for who we are.  As the reader you are instantly immersed in this fantasy that the writer has artfully and meticulously crafted.

The bond between the female character and her Angel, rivals that of the great love stories of all time. There is a deep sense of adoration and sensuality infused into each of these stories, along with an exquisite eroticism that will make you squirm in your seat.

While each story explores a different fantasy and may be read as standalone shorts, there is an overall story arc when read in sequence. That’s why we are very excited to finally have all of them under one cover.  Whether you are familiar with the Angelicus series or hearing about it for the first time, you are going to want to stop what you’re doing and get your copy now!

Where to find this book:
Amazon: http://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00FPQVV5C
Website: http://opushadraniel.com/

An Interview with Lisa Fulham

Today we’re thrilled to be sitting down with Lisa Fulham, author of Out On Business. We’ve been a fan of this wonderfully witty lady for quite some time, and were quite excited when her debut novella was recently released. Pull up a chair and join us, as we get to know Lisa better.

So The Story Goes: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. We know you’ve been busy with some great projects, like #ProtectYourBreasts, so we’re glad to have you here.

Lisa Fulham: Oh believe me, it’s my pleasure. I was stunned and thrilled when I received the request to do this. It’s still a very strange feeling to be considered a writer let alone one that people want to interview J I think I’m still flying high on the success of #ProtectYourBreasts. If one person finds a lump at the early stages because of this awareness campaign then the world of twitter has managed to save a life which is magnificent.

STSG: It truly is. It was such a wonderful campaign to be a part of. Congrats on its success! Now, shall we get started?

After penning several poems and short stories, what made you decide to take the leap into self publishing your first novella?

LF: Well believe it or not, I didn’t begin this story with the intention of publishing. There was no way I thought I was ready for that. Out on Business began just like all of my other stories, destined to be on my blog. My blog stories tend to be around 3,000 words. So there I was, writing this story and I realised that these characters had so much more to say than I could fit into a blog piece. I’m not one for splitting my work so the thought of releasing it on my blog in sections didn’t appeal to me. I’m very impatient you see and when others have taken that route I’ve been like a petulant child and sulked until the next installment came out. I am so fortunate to have the friends that I have because when I told them that publishing this story was what I wanted to do, they supported, encouraged and even bitch slapped me when I needed it. So long story short (it may be too late for that) this story told me that it should be published rather than me making the decision.

STSG: Haha that’s what friends are for! We’re glad they gave you that push because we loved reading the tale of Lucy and Blake.

Did you come across any challenges in writing something as long as a novella (compared to short stories)?

LF: Oh the road to writing this story was filled with challenges. There were times when I wanted to delete the whole file. Where I doubted I was good enough, if the story would capture the imagination of the reader and even if I was doing my supporters an injustice by putting this work out into the world. Could you imagine if the people who had supported me the most hated my story? As you can see, all these fears came from within myself and its not easy trying to win a fight with yourself, believe me. Editing was a huge challenge for me. It’s as if the devil himself says “so you think you wrote something well do you? Let’s just take another look and see how wrong you are.” I was so nervous releasing this and I am filled with joy every time someone tells me they enjoyed it. Hearing that makes all the blood, sweat and tears all worth while. Paper cuts hurt like a bitch!

STSG: Aside from your love of nylons and suits, where do you draw inspiration from when you write?

LF: Can we really put that aside? I’m not sure I physically can lol.

STSG: You make a very good point. I don’t think we can either *drools*

LF: Inspiration comes from all around us; the world is ripe with it. Movies, songs, laughter—I took a walk down the canal with my dog and wrote a poem that touched my heart and made me ache. We rush through life, but if we open our eyes and look around ourselves, inspiration can and will be found.

STSG: We loved watching Lucy take matters into her own hands. Did you set out to portray her as this confident woman? Or did she naturally develop into that?

LF: I think a bit of both if I’m honest. I didn’t want to write a female character who lay there and simply waited for the guy to make all the moves, that’s been done to death I think. Every writer I’ve spoken to has said that you cannot help but put a part of yourself into everything you write. It may be something as simple as a line you use or maybe it’s a character trait you have. When it comes to Lucy I think I put in the fact that I am the most shy confident person I know. I can be the life and soul of the party, the champion of a cause and I do not shy away from expressing my feelings. On the flip side of that I sometimes find it hard to open up to people. I can sometimes sit back and let the conversation swirl around me unsure if I should jump in or not. Lucy is shy and meek in her day to day interactions, but she has a shrewd business mind and she knows what she wants in life. That’s what I wanted to write. Overly confident people irk me. Not because I’m not like that, but because I tend to find that they are actually filled with more fear than the people who are openly shy. I like people who are REAL, fakes have no place in my world at all. And as I said, I had no interest in writing about a woman who had nothing much about her.

I think that’s why I wrote the story from both POV’s. I didn’t want Blake to be the master of his universe with a screw you attitude either. I wanted both characters to be real and attainable.

STSG: What can we expect from you next? Will there be more in the tale of Lucy and Blake?

LF: I’m currently working on a story that should be for my blog, but once again my characters are telling me they may have more to say than my word limit allows. I doubt I will publish it, but it may be a damn long blog lol

As for Blake and Lucy, I’m inclined to say there will be no more. I know that many who have read it want there to be more, but I like the fact that I stuck to the promises that they made. I like the way the story ended with so many possibilities. I think that is a true reflection of life and that kind of experience, anything could happen.

STSG: Ooh we can’t wait to read your WIP! We will be on the lookout for it’s release on your blog.

Thanks again for taking the time to chat with us. It’s been great having you and being able to feature your work.

LF: Thank you for having me, you ladies do a wonderful thing in helping indie authors get their work out there to a bigger audience. As I said before, I’m humbled to have been asked.

STSG: It’s our pleasure 🙂

Be sure to head over to Amazon where you can pickup a copy of Out On Business. http://www.amazon.com/Out-on-Business-ebook/dp/B00E3EQOAE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1380299689&sr=8-1&keywords=out+on+business

Out On Business by Lisa Fulham

Suits, nylons and sex, oh my!
Out On Business, the debut novella by Lisa Fulham, is bursting at the seams with passion, naughtiness, and style.

The story follows Lucy, a shy PA, and her boss, Blake, a no-nonsense advertising executive, as they take a weekend business trip to Edinburgh. After working closely together, a spark develops that has them both wondering what could happen as they leave the confines of the office behind for a few days (we’ll give you a hint: it’s hot!).

We first connected with Lisa on Twitter over our mutual adoration of snazzy nylons. But it didn’t take long to realize that we had met a talented writer and all around awesome lady who speaks her mind about what she loves (hello suit porn!) and what’s important to her, and this certainly comes across in Out On Business. Not only has she written true to life characters with hang ups that we can all relate to, but she does a flawless job of weaving her love of suits and nylons into a story that will leave you with a new found appreciation for a handsome man in a perfectly fitted Yves Saint Laurent jacket.

Where to find this book:
Website: http://lisafulham298.wordpress.com/
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Out-on-Business-ebook/dp/B00E3EQOAE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1379846959&sr=8-1&keywords=LISA+fulham

Poetry Wednesday: Poets And Poetry by Caroline Juliette

Today’s brand new poem comes from the lovely and talented Caroline Juliette, and couldn’t be more appropriate for our Poetry Wednesday feature. In this beautiful and expressive poem Poets And Poetry, Caroline shares with us the intimate and delicate process of a poet writing a new piece and reminds us of how powerful the written word can be.

A penstroke is our caress
Words on the page the fingertips
Following every curve
Fulfilling every desire
Pleasure beyond measure
To the depths of our aching souls
We make love with our words
You push
I pull
Never giving up
Ecstatic in our release
Sweet words
Seductive words
Satiating until there are no more
Words become a lifeline
A connection to our hearts
Poets and poetry
Our dreams, hearts, and souls
Splattered on the page for all to see
Made up of 26 letters
I hope you take away all I give
And leave a comment if you may