Our Christmas Wish List

We’ve been busy little elves getting ready for the Christmas break; trimming the tree, baking cookies and finishing up our wish lists. In the midst of all the cheer, we thought – why don’t we share a wish list with all of you? So that’s just what we’ve done. We’ve put together a list of all the wonderful books we’ve featured this year. Any one of them would make a great gift idea for that hard to shop for friend, or someone on your list that loves to read! And Amazon has made it super easy for you – you can send any eBook as a gift so you don’t have to worry about which eReader they use. It’ll just show up in their email on whatever day you’d like. How wonderful is that?

We hope you all have a very merry Christmas. See you again in 2014. Happy reading!

Mid Air Collusion by Charming Man: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008QZA7PY

The Muse Unlocked by Chris Kuhn: http://amzn.com/B00EKTOT04

Perfect Pleasures by Cameron Lincoln: http://www.cameron-lincoln.com/perfect-pleasures.html

Out On Business by Lisa Fulham: http://amzn.com/B00E3EQOAE

Opus Angelicus by Steve Richards: http://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00FPQVV5C

Sharing Kate by Chase Boehner: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BH786VA

Red Letters by Krystina Stevens: http://amzn.com/B00APOHOJQ

The Cougar Diaries by Aoife Brenan: http://amzn.com/B00BHIUK6S

Extra Marital Pleasures by Cameron Lincoln: http://amzn.com/B008GMWVLU

Just Watch Me by Kenny Wright: http://amzn.com/B00CF5GNTA

Erotic Escapades by Chase Boehner: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CM1ZR8K

Saudade by BL Ronan: http://amzn.com/B00CQUFOI0

Blog Tour: Day 3 with Chris Kuhn and The Muse Unlocked

We hope you’ve enjoyed Chris Kuhn‘s blog tour stop as much as we have, and wanted to thank her for the fun quotes, brand new poem, and never-before shared scene from her book, The Muse Unlocked, which we’re sharing with you *drum roll please* right now! But wait! Before you scroll down to read this yummy (and we’re not talking about the wine) scene, Chris has a few words to share about this bonus excerpt. Take it away, Chris!

For those who have read THE MUSE UNLOCKED, you may recall a reference to this event in a later chapter from the book. However, the scene itself does not appear in the novel and has never been shared. That is, until now… I hope that readers will enjoy another small glimpse into these characters’ lives.

And for those who have not yet read the book, never fear. There is nothing here that will spoil a later introduction to the book for you but you’ll get a chance to meet screenwriter/author Cate Mullen and film and TV actor Oliver Sand in this slice-of-life scene that you will, I hope, enjoy, as well.

– Chris Kuhn, author of THE MUSE UNLOCKED  


Oliver stretched out on the chaise lounge and flipped through a pamphlet as Cate stepped outside to join him, drying her hands with a towel, and then turning to two filled wine glasses to carry them out to the patio. “What are you reading?” she looked at him quizzically as she handed him a glass.

He sat up in the chaise, smiling as he took the glass from her hand, “Thanks. Just a little something I found in the pantry.” He took a sip and cocked his head to one side. “Mmm. This is good. Merlot?”

Cate sipped her wine slowly, peering at him over the glass and smiling to herself. “Close. You’re getting better at identifying them. This is actually what’s known as a vintner’s blend – cabernet merlot. But nice job.” She nestled into the Adirondack chair, tucking her feet under her body. “So you still haven’t said? What is that you’re reading?”

Oliver laid the pamphlet on his lap and sighed loudly. “When were you going to tell me, Cate? Were you really going to keep this bit of information from me?” he stared down at the screenwriter, offering up a stern look that couldn’t completely mask the playful smirk beneath it. “Did you really think I wasn’t going to find out?”

Cate lifted herself away from the chair, shaking her head and chuckling. “What the hell are you talking about? Did I pour you one too many drinks tonight?”

Oliver swung his legs over to one side on the chaise and pointed to the pamphlet. “This, Cate. I found this in the pantry along with a cleverly concealed piece of equipment that I think somebody was trying to keep hidden from visitors. But I being the inquisitive and clever guest that I am found it,” he said proudly, his smirk completing the cycle and transforming into his signature beaming smile. He held up the pamphlet now for Cate to see. “Pasta, Cate? You like to make…pasta?” What started as a low, slowly building snicker escalated into outright laughter that Cate found completely endearing and sexy as hell.

Cate leaned forward and snatched the flimsy product manual out of his hands and joined him in the chuckles. “Yes, you caught me. I have a pasta maker. I received it as a gift one year. But I don’t use it. It’s far easier to go down to the store and buy it.

“But it’s much better fresh,” Oliver shot her a scolding look laced with a grin.

“And you know this because you’re a world renowned pasta chef, right?” Cate dipped her head down to sip her drink, smiling as her lips hit the rim of the glass.

“Well,” Oliver paused and shrugged his shoulders then lifted his lean but muscular frame off of the chair, stretching as he did. Cate couldn’t help noticing his exquisitely carved abs sneaking out under the tight-fitting black T-shirt as he raised his arms. “It just so happens I am an excellent pasta chef. I’ve made it many times. But not with some crazy machine.”

Cate looked up at him, sipped her drink once more then set it beside her on the end table. She rose up to meet him or at least stand next to him since he had six inches in height on her. “Are you telling me that you, Mr. Movie-Star-on-the-Rise, rather than hop on your motorcycle and head down to the grocery store like everyone else and pick up a ninety-five cent box of pasta, you are at home in your apartment kitchen sweating over the stove making pasta from scratch?”

“Well, I don’t get that sweaty but yes, I do make it myself. And it’s really not all that hard. You don’t need much. Do you have eggs, Cate?”

Cate looked at the handsome actor who had once again managed to surprise her. “Huh?” she said distractedly. “Oh, eggs? Yes.”

“Do you have unbleached flour?”

“I think so.”

“That and some salt, and we’ve got everything we need. In fact,” he moved in closer to Cate, pulling her body against his and circling her waist with his arms. “I’m going to show you exactly” he kissed next to her right ear “how to” then kissed her left ear “do it” and punctuated the playful pronouncement with a kiss on top of her nose. “Right now.” He leaned down to kiss her on the mouth, and Cate could feel her entire body turn to mush as he lingered on her lips.

When he finally pulled back smiling at her but keeping her in the grasp of his firm arms, she stumbled a bit to respond. “Um, right– right now?”

“Yes,” he nodded confidently and enveloping her hand in his, guiding her back into the screenwriter’s kitchen. He pulled down items from cabinets and out of the refrigerator – each ingredient measured out and poured into smaller bowls, a big mixing bowl here, a whisk there – and before Cate knew what was happening, the two were standing beside each other at her butcher’s block in the center of her kitchen in what could only appear to others peeking in as a cooking demo set-up. She wondered when Martha Stewart would walk through the door.

“Okay, Cate. Are you ready?”

Cate looked around for her glass of wine, chuckling to herself. “I can’t believe we’re really doing this.” She finally spotted it on the counter and happily took one final swig before returning to her post beside her handsome instructor. “Okay, teach. Fire up the lesson. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.”

As he walked her through each step of the pasta-making process, Cate found herself entranced with the man beside her, both patient and playful, yet serious about each step and keeping his doting student interested and entertained. Each time, they’d finish the next step in the process, he’d lean down to kiss her on the lips while caressing her bottom with his flour-covered fingers. She was pretty certain by now her ass must look like a powdered donut. Oh, Oliver. You don’t have to worry about me staying interested. You just have to show up and breathe, and already you’ve got my full attention.

By the time the two had mixed, whisked, blended, rubbed, patted, kneaded, folded, balled, sliced and flattened each inch of dough before them, his black shirt was covered in white-speckles of flour, front and back. And Cate was doused in every possible way, both on the surface of her flour-covered blouse and jeans as well as down below in her Oliver-arousing, soaked panties, stimulated by each fondle and show of affection the actor integrated into the cooking lesson. Yes, by the end of Pasta 101, Cate found herself more twisted and wound up than the spirals the two had just painstakingly made. She looked down at the floor beneath them as he finished placing the last set of flour-covered utensils in the sink to begin rinsing them.

“Have you looked down lately?” she laughed out loud after discovering the tile floor beneath them was as covered with flour as the two pasta-making lovebirds.

Oliver stopped his work at the sink to glance at the floor. “Oh wow, Cate. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for us to make such a mess of your kitchen. Where’s your broom? I’ll clean up.” He started to head for the closet and she stepped before him reaching out to grab his arms.

“Don’t.” He stopped in his tracks before her and looked down into her eyes. “Don’t worry about it, Oliver. I’m not. I only noticed it. But I really think there’s a much bigger problem at hand.” Her face turned more serious.

He moved in closer to her, a look of concern sweeping across his face. “What, Cate? What’s wrong? Did I do something to upset you?”

Her serious look softened. “Just look at you. You are a mess. And I am a mess, too,” her face transformed into a shy smile, tinged with a bit of rose in her cheeks. She reached for the bottom of his T-shirt tucked into his jeans and began pulling it out and upward to remove it. “You can’t stay wearing these messy things. You’ll trail flour throughout my house.” She shot him now a broader, more confident smile as he raised his arms and removed his shirt enthusiastically in response, returning her beaming smile yet remaining quiet the entire time. Occasionally, he would let out a soft chuckle as he watched the woman before him muster up the courage to unbuckle his pants and kneel before him to slide his jeans down to the floor, for which he cooperated eagerly, stepping out of them once they reached the ground. After peeling each layer of clothing off of his lover, Oliver gently picked up Cate in his arms and delivered the two of them to the bathroom for a shower. Kitchen clean-up could wait.

Where to find this book:
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/The-Muse-Unlocked-Series/dp/1489557962/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1385145120&sr=8-1&keywords=the+muse+unlocked

Blog Tour: Day 2 with Chris Kuhn and The Muse Unlocked

We hope you’ve enjoyed the brand new poem Chris Kuhn shared with us earlier this week as part of her Blog Tour. If you haven’t had the chance to read it yet, be sure to check it out. It’s from the perspective of Oliver; a view we’re dying to see more of.

Today, we’re sharing a short passage from The Muse Unlocked. Just a little something to get you in the mood for the never-before-seen scene that Chris will be sharing exclusively with us on Friday. Grab a glass of your favourite Merlot and enjoy!

Opus Angelicus by Steve Richards

We’ve always said that Twitter is a wellspring of talent, and today’s featured writer is no exception. Though he is no longer a resident of the Twitterverse, this is in fact where we first met him. It didn’t take long to figure out that Steve Richards is not only a delightfully charming and witty man, but also a magnificent writer.

Opus Angelicus is a compilation of short stories following a female character and her lover, Angel. But not just any lover. Oh no! We’re talking about every woman’s dream come true. Angel is quite literally, an angel.  Whenever she needs him, he is there. Angel exists solely for her. He is her protector, her confidant, her friend and her lover.

“I am an angel sent by God to love you, to watch over you and protect you. To pick you up when you fall, to keep you safe from all harm and to answer your every desire. I belong to you completely, having no meaning to my existence other than to please you and be there for you in your times of need.” (*sigh* Cue the mass swooning of ladies everywhere)

Each story is told from the perspective of Angel and written in such a way as to place the reader in the role of the female lead. The superb writing of this character makes assuming this role effortless. Everyone can relate to feelings of vulnerability, insecurity and the desire to be loved and accepted for who we are.  As the reader you are instantly immersed in this fantasy that the writer has artfully and meticulously crafted.

The bond between the female character and her Angel, rivals that of the great love stories of all time. There is a deep sense of adoration and sensuality infused into each of these stories, along with an exquisite eroticism that will make you squirm in your seat.

While each story explores a different fantasy and may be read as standalone shorts, there is an overall story arc when read in sequence. That’s why we are very excited to finally have all of them under one cover.  Whether you are familiar with the Angelicus series or hearing about it for the first time, you are going to want to stop what you’re doing and get your copy now!

Where to find this book:
Amazon: http://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00FPQVV5C
Website: http://opushadraniel.com/

Now Available: The Muse Unlocked by Chris Kuhn

Earlier this week, we featured the fantastic debut novel, The Muse Unlocked, by Chris Kuhn. Since then, her book has been officially released and is now available on Amazon. Be sure to pick up your copy here http://www.amazon.com/The-Muse-Unlocked-Series-Volume/dp/1489557962/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1377273672&sr=8-1&keywords=the+muse+unlocked or check out the author’s website for more details.

An Interview with Aoife Brennan

On Fridays we like to feature a little something extra from the writers we’ve featured earlier in the week. But today we’re especially excited because we’ve got a double feature – an interview AND exclusive excerpt from The Cougar Diaries Pt. 2
We can’t wait to see what this series has in store, but until then, we invite you to sit down with us and enjoy these treats from author Aoife Brennan.

So The Story Goes: Did you always want to be a writer or is this a newly discovered talent?

Aoife Brennan: I have always wanted to be a writer. Since I was very little, I would tell everyone I was going to be a writer when I grew up, but somehow I was just very busy with life. I think when I hit sixteen the world suddenly started spinning very fast and it didn’t let up. Then five years ago I went through a difficult divorce which resulted in bankruptcy for myself and the two children – a little unfairly since my ex managed to wipe his hands of our joint debt. Anyway, I had started a non fiction book on divorce and when everything fell apart, my non fiction book segued into a sex book. I had to do something to earn money and so I thought where there is muck there is brass! But the beauty of poverty is in its freedom; poverty and writing are very good bedfellows.

STSG: What attracted you to the genre of erotica?

AB: I had been meaning to write erotica for ages, but lack of confidence and also being a very respectable middle class woman made it harder too! When my world fell apart it delivered great freedom to me, both in my personal choices and in my ability to write. I was no longer shackled by the notions of respectability and could write anything I wanted. I also discovered as a newly divorced woman that I was attractive to the opposite sex, which first surprised me after my long marriage and then of course delighted me. I wondered if I could bottle that attraction and hence my decision to write erotica was confirmed.

STSG: Throughout the entire story, your main character always finds the courage to come out on top of some very trying and difficult situations. Did you set out to portray such a strong woman or did she simply begin to develop as you wrote?

AB: Sadly my own personal struggles would dwarf Aoife’s. It is but the tip of my own personal troubles that is relayed in my Diary. Of course, trouble doesn’t come in a single blow, it comes in increments so that before you know it, you are knee deep in problems, then thigh deep, then neck, lol but hopefully not above the head.

I learned one very important thing through dealing with my own problems was to a) keep positive and b) keep going in a forward motion. My mum would say: ‘Ever onwards and upwards, maybe sideways but never backwards.” Of course, I often did go backwards but I would never own it and somehow after a while my feet would turn again in the right direction and forward momentum occur. This is the secret to surviving, focusing on the positive and going forward. My situation is not uncommon in modern Ireland where the deep recession and newly available divorce has led to a lot of women left with the children and struggling to survive. I wanted to write the everywoman story. And as this is fiction i wanted to write a new ending, a gloriously happy one. I am doing an ‘Atonement” on my story and giving it to Aoife

STSG: You present many themes within your story that a lot of readers will be able to relate to; starting over, self discovery and losing love, just to name a few. What were some of the challenges you faced with when writing some of the more poignant moments?

AB: I actually found writing about the real life difficulties easy as I had faced pretty much all of them in one shape or another. The piece I baulked at was the first sex scene. I stopped writing for about three weeks as I figuratively girded my loins! Then one Saturday afternoon I took to the bed and started to write. Once I started I could not stop and emerged that night exhausted as if I had run a marathon – I think the task was essentially the same. Once done, I haven’t looked back since and I really enjoy writing those scenes now!

STSG: The strawberry scene – hilarious! We want to know: was this inspired by real life events?

AB: Strawberrygate is purely fictional. I was writing that scene in the back of the car as I waited for my kids to finish training. I started it as a very serious scene and was really getting into it, then from somewhere my wicked sense of humour arose and I thought, I wonder, I wonder. The notion so tickled my fancy i started laughing out loud – I only hope the other parents did not notice my insane guffaws in the back of the car – and so poor Steven met his fate. For those of you who have not read the book, I did an audio version of the scene. I have to warn you although, this audio snippet is not safe for work http://www.musicoflondon.com/

STSG: Strawberry gate – haha we love it!

Now, as an added bonus, below is an exclusive excerpt from The Cougar Diaries Pt 2. Enjoy!

Swinging (a scene from The Cougar Diaries Pt. 2)

“But how,” Trish wanted to know, “did you discover that they really were swingers? I mean, was there a code or something.” I thought for a moment before I replied. “No, but Chris had warned me so I was looking for signals. In the end, as we were finishing dinner, Carmel invited me outside to keep her company as she had a smoke. Afterwards she kissed me and everything else fell into place.”

Trish sat back in her chair. “Wow,” she said. “Mad,” she said. “Yes,” I said and I grinned.
The cigarette invitation was a planned one. Afterwards I could see that. Actually even at the time, I had an idea it might be. We’d had some wine during dinner and I was very relaxed. Relaxed as a newt, truth be told. I followed Carmel outside and she lit up. There was a small two man bench on the veranda and she motioned me to sit down, which I did. She sat next me and our legs touched. I could not move away without making some sort of statement. The cigarette smoke smelt nice in the fresh warm evening air. We talked and I can’t really remember what was said, but when she finished she threw the butt into the bushes at the side and put her hand on my thigh. She leant over towards me and kissed me. I was surprised but expectant and so I kissed her back. Her lips were so soft and gentle. I had never kissed a woman before and it thrilled me. Her little tongue snaked into my mouth and I sucked it gently. Her hand rubbed along my thigh and her other hand gently stroked my breast. In response my hands crept up her body and I felt the contours of a woman under my hands. It was utterly different and I was wet immediately. She just felt so soft; I had never experienced anything like it. My hand squeezed her right breast. Oh my god, that felt so good. I knew I wanted to suck it and tease her nipple. I was rubbing harder now and in my urgency undid buttons so I could feel her flesh. My hand first covered the bra and then slipped inside and found the tight hard nipple. I tweaked the nipple between my fingers while feeling the heaviness of her breast in my hand. We were kissing harder now, but still with sweet softness when we heard a cough. We parted, flushed and panting, to see the two men watching us, arms folded and smiling.
*As this story is still being written, edits may be made to this scene before the final draft.

The Cougar Diaries Pt. 1 by Aoife Brennan

We’re back and we’re so pleased to be sharing another wonderful story with you. A while back, the suggestion to read The Cougar Diaries Pt. 1 fell into our inbox and we couldn’t be more pleased that it did. Not knowing what to expect, we were taken on a beautifully written tale of love lost and love found. Oh and how could we forget – some very steamy sex scenes.

Meet Aoife – a divorced mother of two in her forties, who, with the encouragement of some friends, decides it’s time to get back into the dating scene. Struggling through some challenging moments surrounding her divorce, Aoife manages to come out with her head high and her confidence in tact, and sets off to find Mr. Right (or at the very least, Mr. Right Now).

We’ve become instant fans of Brennan‘s writing. She explores the themes of overcoming personal adversity and embracing the daunting changes we’re sometimes thrown in a very true to life and sometimes awkward way that we can all appreciate and relate to. And her sex scenes are written with a sensuality and (at times) humour that we couldn’t get enough of – you’ll never look at strawberries the same way again! We are on the edge of our seats waiting for part 2!

Where to find this book:
Website: http://thecougardiariesireland.wordpress.com/
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/The-Cougar-Diaries-Part-ebook/dp/B00BHIUK6S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1371498322&sr=8-1&keywords=the+cougar+diaries
Smashwords: http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/AoifeBrennan

Saudade by B.L. Ronan

It’s a rare and beautiful thing when a writer’s words speak to the very deepest parts of your soul. This is exactly how we felt when we read saudade by B.L. Ronan.  This exquisite collection of poetry takes the reader on a journey through heart wrenching sadness and pain to hope, joy and the sensual eroticism of true love. B.L. writes with such honesty and raw emotion that the reader is instantly captivated and drawn into her world, experiencing the ups and downs of love lost and love found.

saudade is a true work of art. The infusion of breathtaking imagery creates paintings in the reader’s mind, providing a perfect backdrop for her skilfully sculpted words.  Whether it is the despair and longing expressed in poems such as waiting and fine, the vivid images conjured up in seagrass, or the hauntingly sensual tones of sway, B.L.’s poems are finely crafted yet easily accessible. You’ll find yourself relating to every word, every emotion, as if you yourself were on this journey.

This is one collection of poetry you do not want to miss.

Where to find this book:
Website: http://thesacredroad.wordpress.com/
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/saudade-ebook/dp/B00CQUFOI0/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1368990401&sr=1-1&keywords=saudade

An Interview with Chase Boehner

Today we welcome the fabulous Chase Boehner, author of Erotic Escapades: Volume 1.

So The Story Goes: Thank you so much, Chase, for taking the time to chat with us. We are both big fans of your work and are really excited to have you here.

Chase Boehner: Hello, and thank you for having me over to your lovely blog ladies. With this blog being a regular stop for me, I am happy to be here on the other side. It is very humbling to be included in the talent pool you showcase here and it is always nice to sit down with two lovely women and have a chat. Thank you so much for having me 🙂

STSG: The pleasure is all ours, Chase.

Did you always want to be a writer or is this a newly discovered passion?

CB: The easy answer is yes. I have always written from a young age. I started with silly adventure stories as a boy and then horror and drama as a teen and adult. I have notebooks full of half-finished works and plot ideas.

STSG: Why did you choose to start writing in the erotica genre and what do you enjoy most about it?

CB: With the advent of the digital age of books and self-publishing I reconsidered my options and did some research. I saw a plethora of erotic books on Amazon, a market and genre I had never considered. I took a chance after reading and enjoying a few and told my wife that I thought I had something to offer. I am a very sexual person as it is and I had to try. My wife told me to go for it, and here I am.

STSG: Well we are very glad you did!

You manage to convey love and romance in your stories while also pushing the boundaries with some very racy scenes. Do you find this a difficult balance to maintain at times?

CB: I don’t, because that is my natural style of writing. I looked at what some other authors had written and wondered how they come up with their styles, because some are so fascinating, and realized I couldn’t emulate them and hope for success, but had to instead find my own niche and write what interested me through my voice. So, when I sit down to write I just be myself, type away, and hope there is an audience for my voice.

STSG: Do you have a preference between writing female or male characters and is there a favourite you’ve written so far?

CB: I do and hands down it is writing in female POV. I enjoy and love strong women, they motivate my life and I married one. When it comes to writing I like to be in their space and try to see the world through their eyes. I don’t write victims and have no interest in that. My women are take charge and not afraid to ask for what they want or even demand it. On the flip side, they are also not afraid to love and be vulnerable and that, as a total package, is sexy to me.

STSG: And as women, we’d like to say thank you for writing strong female characters. That is certainly one of the things we love about your stories.

The title Erotic Escapades: Volume 1, suggests there may be a Volume 2 on the way (Yay!). What can readers expect next from Chase Boehner?

CB: Currently, at this moment, I am wrapping up my first Erotic/Horror short for Bitten Press. Following that, it is back into part three of Allen and Allie Sex Adventures, more stand alones, a possible Natalie/Jake/Dana short starring characters from The Room and then whatever inspires me. All of the stories I’ve written just flowed from me. I had no idea they were in me and when I was done with each it was just a matter of going back and seeing where the characters took me on their journeys. And down the road in the future I do plan on another collection release but I have tons of work ahead before that happens.

STSG: Excuse us a moment as we do a happy dance! So looking forward to read what happens next for Allie and Allen as well as Natalie/Jake/Dana! And we are definitely intrigued to hear of your Erotic/Horror short.

Do you have any plans for a full length novel?

CB: I do and I don’t. I prefer short fiction. One reason is I think it is easily more re-readable as the time commitment is very short. No matter where you happen to be you can pick up a short and have a good chance of finishing it before you are interrupted. As for a full length novel, I would love to someday. I am first setting my sights on a 20,000 word piece and then I will go from there in increments I hope.

STSG: Are you interested in branching out into other genres in the future?

CB: YES!YES!YES! I want to continue to develop as an author and I have far too many loves than to just stay in one genre. I like the genre blending story I am writing now and may experiment more with that in the future. Horror is a definite stop for me and also some romance. I think, however, that whatever I write will always contain some erotic elements to it because it is true to our base nature.

STSG: What was your biggest obstacle to overcome when deciding to self-publish? Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

CB: The biggest obstacle was just a lack of knowledge and know- how. I am thankful for Amazon for the free publishing guide that, as technically challenged as I am while not being a total Luddite, easily guided me through the whole process. After that it was just your old basic fear of sucking at what you do…lol But, you have to face your fears head on and do your best to overcome them.

As far as advice for aspiring authors, besides the old adage of just do it, is to spend time creating the best product you can. It doesn’t matter if someone is paying a penny or  a c-note for what you do because they are, in fact paying you for your product and they deserve the best you can give them.

STSG: If you could share one thing about yourself with your readers, what would it be?             

CB: That I am a total and complete sarcastic ass to my family and friends and they all still love me because they know there are no more important people on this planet to me than them.

STSG: Aww! If there is anyone that appreciates a sarcastic ass it’s the two of us! Thanks again Chase for sitting down to chat with us.

You can find links to the deliciously steamy Erotic Escapades: Volume 1 and all of Chase’s work at http://chaseboehner.blogspot.com

Erotic Escapades Vol. 1 by Chase Boehner

This week we’re pleased to once again feature the work of Chase Boehner in a new release of his stories entitled Erotic Escapades: Volume 1. Chase never fails to tease and tantalize the senses with his intensely erotic stories. Although short in length, he always manages to bring the heat while also infusing love and romance into his storylines. As Chase explains, his focus is on couples erotica “designed to be quick, sexy reads that can be enjoyed solo but are best read with that special someone.” And enjoy them you will! In fact, we challenge anyone to read all the way through his stories without stopping to…well…*blushes* never mind.

That’s why we were excited to hear of the release of Erotic Escapades: Volume 1. This convenient collection of his first five erotic shorts is a perfect introduction to Chase’s work. The journey starts off with a bang (literally) with the aptly titled Beginnings. This is a short and steamy introduction into the sizzling hot and deeply loving marriage between Allen and Allie.  Right from page one you are drawn into the intimate bond shared between these two lovers.

Allen and Allie’s sexual adventures continue in The Room. This story should come with a warning – Caution: May cause spontaneous combustion. The Room certainly raises the bar on the racy scale as it follows the couple while they both prepare for a very special evening. While Allen has a huge surprise in store for Allie, she too has a few surprises up her sleeve.

We are then introduced to a new cast of characters in Teaching Her, Pleasing Them. Brad is Cassie’s first and her inexperience has her feeling a little intimidated. She turns to her best friend Angie for advice and Angie devises the perfect plan for teaching Cassie all she needs to know. Needless to say this is one erotic lesson that everyone in class is more than happy to participate in.

The collection ends with Sharing Kate and finally Keeping Kara, both stories we’ve recommended in the past and will continue to recommend any chance we get.

Whatever your pleasure, we believe Erotic Escapades: Volume 1 has something for everyone. It is a superbly racy collection of love stories following couples as they push boundaries and explore sexual fantasies together.

Where to find this book:
Website: http://chaseboehner.blogspot.ca/
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CM1ZR8K