Poetry Wednesday: saudade by B.L. Ronan

Today we have a very special treat for you. Our friend, B.L. Ronan, has graciously shared with us the cover of her new poetry collection, along with an excerpt from one of her poems. We hope you enjoy!

ladies and gentlemen:

i can hardly believe the day has finally arrived for me to share this milestone – my baby – with you. this beautiful cover was conceived by the exceptionally talented @justarandomscot and i have been so excited to share his creation with you.

so without further ado………my cover!!!!!

isn’t she beautiful! it is the epitome of my writing process. curled up in my bed (we need ambiance for such steamy scenes — hehe) with my notebook and pen, laptop at the ready, and coffee cup not far out of reach. this very space is where saudade was conceived.

it is hard to believe i wasn’t even composing eight months ago and after weeks of inspiration, tears, bloodshed, and elation i am about to present to you shards of my very soul. well…it is pretty inconceivable.

i had with great hesitation decided in february to push myself to this challenge of creating a compilation with nearly 50 new piece of work. i didn’t want it to be a mishmash of randomness nor did i want it to be a book of only one aspect of prose.

i remembered finding a picture of a tattoo on pinterest with the word saudade printed across the forearm. when i looked down at the explanation i felt an immediate connection and it stuck with me.

saudade does not have an english equivalent and there are many interpretations for its meaning. however, the most poignant and beautiful one was shared by my portuguese speaking beauty, a.

feeling of incompleteness…due to the absence of someone or something…or the absence of a set of particular and desirable experiences and pleasures once lived. – Scott Edward Anderson

writing saved me, healed me, brought me strength through love, friendship, and once again gave me purpose. this collection is an amalgamation of all these complex facets that were elated, heart wrenching, hopeful, hopeless, and my salvation.

i am so excited for you to walk this journey with me and connect with my words. but until they are available to hold, touch, and consume…..

on tuesday, may 14, 2013

……you can have a sneak peek of what lies in wait behind this gorgeous cover here and at the links below.

hope you enjoy.

xxx b

……excerpt from until you.

each day

each day

my heart feels less bruised

my soul more firmly stitched

and slightly joyful.

with you,

my smile comes with ease –

i laugh

though it is rusty from disuse.

i can remember the sun’s kiss,

the wind’s caress,

and what it means

to hope



© 2013 b.l. ronan

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