An Interview with Kenny Wright

We hope you enjoyed our recommendation of Just Watch Me earlier this week. Today we have a special treat – an interview with the author, Kenny Wright, in which he shares more about his writing and a little glimpse into his latest project.

So The Story Goes: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us today, Kenny. We loved Just Watch Me and are thrilled to have you here with us.

Kenny Wright: Thanks for hosting me, and creating this amazing site in support of independent authors.

STSG: You are most welcome! Shall we begin?

What attracted you to begin writing in the genre of erotica?

 KW: I write stories that I want to read. We all know that there’s a wealth of erotica on the internet these days, and while I’ve found a few authors and stories that resonate with me, nothing can compare to erotica that’s custom fit. So I decided to do it myself.

Closely related to the above, I see writing erotica as a way to explore and realize my fantasies in a safe environment. We shouldn’t do everything we fantasize about, but this is a nice alternative.

STSG: You initially wrote the characters of Dean and Danielle in a short story, one that you did not intend to continue (we’re so glad you decided otherwise). Why the change in heart?

KW: The main reason I decided to pick up Dean and Danielle’s stories was all about my readers. The e-mails and feedback I received from fans were all very positive, but many felt that this couple’s story wasn’t finished.

I have a bias against sequels. They’re harder to write than a fresh story because the reader comes armed with a set of expectations–many of which are personal to the reader. Additionally, I didn’t want to burden a new reader with having to got back and slog through an older story. So when I set down to write Just Watch Me, I wanted to make sure that it was a fresh story, something that could stand on its own, not just more of the same.

STSG: It definitely did stand on its own and we’re so glad that your readers encouraged you to write it!

What did you enjoy most about bringing them back to life?

KW: I definitely enjoyed experiencing the love they had for one another all over again. I’m a romantic at heart. In fact, I’ve defined myself as a writer of “romantic erotica“. When writing a story that’s ultimately about a couple bringing another man into their love life, that love is essential.

Aside from that, I loved having a chance to explore their fantasy to its fullest. Rediscovering Danielle was a complete story in my mind. It explored the dangers of a game played between husband and wife and what happens when you don’t properly communicate. Just Watch Me was a wife-watching–and ultimately, wife-sharing–story, and I’m very proud of it. Going back to the first question, I write stories for myself first, and on a purely personal level, it’s going to be hard to write another similarly themed story that’s better.

STSG: Aside from capturing some pretty steamy sex scenes, you also capture and explore some very raw, human emotions in this story, allowing us to connect with your characters on a more personal level. Is this something you strive for with each piece you write?

KW: I think those raw, human emotions and the connections to the characters are key to writing successful erotica–successful anything, really. For me, erotica isn’t just about sex scenes (it’s a fundamental part, sure, but not the only part). What’s the saying about the brain being the biggest erogenous zone? Something like that? Words on a page can only appeal to your brain, and the deeper and more meaningful the appeal, the more powerful the words.

STSG: Well said. We couldn’t agree more!

We’re eager to ask – what can we expect next from the desk of Kenny Wright?

KW: My current WIP is something completely different. It’s about a woman named Natalie who takes advantage of a Groupon for an aerobic pole dancing class and ends up moonlighting as a stripper. It explores the duality of her life as she struggles with the good girl she’s always been, and this darker exhibitionist that begins to emerge. The fun part is that while I have a rough idea of where it’ll end up, I’m along for the ride as much as Natalie.

STSG: Love the idea! We can’t wait to read all about Natalie’s path of discovery to her dark side. Thank you again for taking the time to chat with us. It’s been a pleasure having you and being able to feature your wonderful work.

KW: Thanks again for having me on your site this week. I want to remind everyone that Rediscovering Danielle is still free through the weekend on Smashwords (coupon code: WV45F), and that the best way to support an independent author is to review their work – be it on your own site, on GoodReads, or on the digital marketplace that you bought it. Have a great weekend!

You can find links to Just Watch Me and all of Kenny Wright’s work at

Just Watch Me by Kenny Wright

With each passing week at So The Story Goes, we are constantly reminded of why we love the indie writing community as much as we do. Case in point – the way indie authors support and encourage other indie authors. Thanks to the recommendation of a male erotica writer that we featured on our site earlier (here’s lookin’ at you, Chase), we connected with another fabulous male writer in the erotica genre, Kenny Wright.

It was recommended that we start with Just Watch Me, a tale who’s characters were initially introduced through a short story, but were developed into this longer, stand alone piece. And what a piece it was! Maybe it was the Hawaiian sun, or perhaps it was the non-stop steam, but this story was hot from the very first page right up until the last word. And there was something beyond the heat that had us hooked; intertwined beautifully within the scenes of passion is a story of love, acceptance and connection that we hadn’t expected.

In Just Watch Me, you are whisked away to Maui with Dean and Danielle – a loving couple that see this vacation as an opportunity to push the boundaries of their marriage. After a chance meeting with local surfer and business man, Sandy, and a sexually charged evening at a local lounge, Dean and Danielle’s boundaries are certainly pushed to the limit, having them question if the choices they’ve made are truly right for them. With some unexpected twists along the way, their story of discovery will turn you on, pull at your heartstrings, and leave you wanting more!

An extra big THANK YOU to Kenny for providing us with an exclusive link for our readers so that you may get your copy of Rediscovering Danielle for FREE!! Simply head over to this Smashwords link and enter the code WV45F (valid for this week only).

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