An Interview with Steve Richards

Today we’re very excited to welcome our friend and author of the newly released Opus Angelicus, Steve Richards.

Steve Richards: Hello there, thank you for having me.

So The Story Goes: Thank you Steve for taking the time to visit with us. As fans of yours, we were so excited to learn of the release of Opus Angelicus. It’s such a beautifully written collection of erotic stories and we’re very pleased to share it with our readers.

SR: It’s my pleasure to be here and may I just say a huge thank you for the fabulous review you gave my work! I’m humbled by your praise and pleased beyond words that people like the stories I’ve written.

STSG: It is praise that is very well deserved for such great work.

When did you start writing? Have you always had a passion for it?

SR: Oh gosh, I’ve been writing little poems and comic verse since I was about 16, so quite a long time, but I only began creating work like this in about November last year (2012). I have a passion for reading and I love the power of words so I guess you could say it sprang from there.

STSG: How did you decide to write in the erotica genre?

SR: I have a very open and relaxed attitude regarding sex, I’m not in the least prudish. I’ve always found erotica to be very stimulating and absolutely adore and admire the works of people like Anais Nin and Tiffany Reisz. I’ve read countless books in all genres but my favourite is most definitely erotica so it just seemed natural for me to write my own.

STSG: It certainly seems to come naturally to you. Your passion translates beautifully onto the page.

Many new writers find it intimidating to share their work. Did you find it difficult? And if so, what gave you that push to do it?

SR: Oh yes, I did find it difficult! In fact I still do! The moment before I push that publish button is filled with trepidation and it takes an awful lot of ‘psyching myself up’ to do it! I must say though that the encouragement I receive from both friends and family, gives me the impetus to continue.

STSG: As a writer of both poetry and short stories, do you have a preference for one medium over the other?

SR: Hmmm, good question. I suppose it depends on what I’m writing as to whether it comes out as prose or verse and of course, what the muse happens to be whispering in my ear at the time! Some things just lend themselves to poetry.

STSG: We agree, as I’m sure many others would, Angel is every woman’s dream man!

Where did you draw your inspiration from in developing this character?

SR: Thank you, I intended him from the start to be perfect in every way so I’m glad you and everyone else thinks he is! I believe women are the greatest of Gods creations and deserve to be treated with love and respect; I wanted Angel to embody that idea and be the epitome of a ‘dream man’!

STSG: On behalf of ladies everywhere may we just say, you sir, are a true gentleman.

Is there a little bit of Steve in Angel?

SR: As far as he embodies my feelings about how to treat a lady then yes, there’s definitely some of me in him – quite a lot actually! Now if I could just perform like him and work some magic…

STSG: Take it from us, you certainly work some magic through your story telling. Ladies everywhere will be trying their hardest to will an Angel to appear after reading this book!

Out of all the stories in Opus Angelicus, do you have a favorite?

SR: They are like my children and I love them all equally, each of them having endearing qualities that make them special to me in some way. If I had to pick one, then it would probably be Opus Auxilior but as I said, I love each one of them.

STSG: Please tell us this is not the end of the series. There will be more to come for these characters, right?

SR: Oh this is most definitely NOT the end! I have a lot more lined up for these characters to explore, in fact the very next adventure is in the planning and research stage right now!

STSG: Yay! We are so excited to see what happens next for these two.

There is definite character development and story progression within the series. Do you have an overall vision of where the story will go and how the characters will end up?

SR: Another great question! I do indeed know how they’ll end up, having already made notes for what would be their final story, though that’s a long way off yet – there’s still so much fun for them to have! As to how they get there, who knows? I’m still listening to the muse and working with what she gives me!

STSG: Do you have any aspirations to write a full length novel or maybe to write in another genre?

SR: I would like to think that I had a full length novel in me though I’m not sure if I have the ability to carry it off! As for another genre, well maybe but I’m having great fun with erotica at the moment, perhaps a cross over – horror and sex – that always works well!

STSG: Well whatever else you may decide to do next, always know you’ve got friends and fans here at STSG! Thank you again for taking the time to chat with us Steve. It’s always a pleasure. And may we just say again, we can’t wait for the next Angelicus story! *cue happy dance*

SR:  Before I go I’d like to thank you once again for the fabulous review, for promoting me and my book, for this opportunity to let people know a little bit more about me and to all my readers everywhere for following my work! Your constant support and encouragement is always greatly appreciated! Regards, Steve 😀 xxx

Be sure to head over to Amazon and grab your copy of Opus Angelicus today!

An Interview with Lisa Fulham

Today we’re thrilled to be sitting down with Lisa Fulham, author of Out On Business. We’ve been a fan of this wonderfully witty lady for quite some time, and were quite excited when her debut novella was recently released. Pull up a chair and join us, as we get to know Lisa better.

So The Story Goes: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. We know you’ve been busy with some great projects, like #ProtectYourBreasts, so we’re glad to have you here.

Lisa Fulham: Oh believe me, it’s my pleasure. I was stunned and thrilled when I received the request to do this. It’s still a very strange feeling to be considered a writer let alone one that people want to interview J I think I’m still flying high on the success of #ProtectYourBreasts. If one person finds a lump at the early stages because of this awareness campaign then the world of twitter has managed to save a life which is magnificent.

STSG: It truly is. It was such a wonderful campaign to be a part of. Congrats on its success! Now, shall we get started?

After penning several poems and short stories, what made you decide to take the leap into self publishing your first novella?

LF: Well believe it or not, I didn’t begin this story with the intention of publishing. There was no way I thought I was ready for that. Out on Business began just like all of my other stories, destined to be on my blog. My blog stories tend to be around 3,000 words. So there I was, writing this story and I realised that these characters had so much more to say than I could fit into a blog piece. I’m not one for splitting my work so the thought of releasing it on my blog in sections didn’t appeal to me. I’m very impatient you see and when others have taken that route I’ve been like a petulant child and sulked until the next installment came out. I am so fortunate to have the friends that I have because when I told them that publishing this story was what I wanted to do, they supported, encouraged and even bitch slapped me when I needed it. So long story short (it may be too late for that) this story told me that it should be published rather than me making the decision.

STSG: Haha that’s what friends are for! We’re glad they gave you that push because we loved reading the tale of Lucy and Blake.

Did you come across any challenges in writing something as long as a novella (compared to short stories)?

LF: Oh the road to writing this story was filled with challenges. There were times when I wanted to delete the whole file. Where I doubted I was good enough, if the story would capture the imagination of the reader and even if I was doing my supporters an injustice by putting this work out into the world. Could you imagine if the people who had supported me the most hated my story? As you can see, all these fears came from within myself and its not easy trying to win a fight with yourself, believe me. Editing was a huge challenge for me. It’s as if the devil himself says “so you think you wrote something well do you? Let’s just take another look and see how wrong you are.” I was so nervous releasing this and I am filled with joy every time someone tells me they enjoyed it. Hearing that makes all the blood, sweat and tears all worth while. Paper cuts hurt like a bitch!

STSG: Aside from your love of nylons and suits, where do you draw inspiration from when you write?

LF: Can we really put that aside? I’m not sure I physically can lol.

STSG: You make a very good point. I don’t think we can either *drools*

LF: Inspiration comes from all around us; the world is ripe with it. Movies, songs, laughter—I took a walk down the canal with my dog and wrote a poem that touched my heart and made me ache. We rush through life, but if we open our eyes and look around ourselves, inspiration can and will be found.

STSG: We loved watching Lucy take matters into her own hands. Did you set out to portray her as this confident woman? Or did she naturally develop into that?

LF: I think a bit of both if I’m honest. I didn’t want to write a female character who lay there and simply waited for the guy to make all the moves, that’s been done to death I think. Every writer I’ve spoken to has said that you cannot help but put a part of yourself into everything you write. It may be something as simple as a line you use or maybe it’s a character trait you have. When it comes to Lucy I think I put in the fact that I am the most shy confident person I know. I can be the life and soul of the party, the champion of a cause and I do not shy away from expressing my feelings. On the flip side of that I sometimes find it hard to open up to people. I can sometimes sit back and let the conversation swirl around me unsure if I should jump in or not. Lucy is shy and meek in her day to day interactions, but she has a shrewd business mind and she knows what she wants in life. That’s what I wanted to write. Overly confident people irk me. Not because I’m not like that, but because I tend to find that they are actually filled with more fear than the people who are openly shy. I like people who are REAL, fakes have no place in my world at all. And as I said, I had no interest in writing about a woman who had nothing much about her.

I think that’s why I wrote the story from both POV’s. I didn’t want Blake to be the master of his universe with a screw you attitude either. I wanted both characters to be real and attainable.

STSG: What can we expect from you next? Will there be more in the tale of Lucy and Blake?

LF: I’m currently working on a story that should be for my blog, but once again my characters are telling me they may have more to say than my word limit allows. I doubt I will publish it, but it may be a damn long blog lol

As for Blake and Lucy, I’m inclined to say there will be no more. I know that many who have read it want there to be more, but I like the fact that I stuck to the promises that they made. I like the way the story ended with so many possibilities. I think that is a true reflection of life and that kind of experience, anything could happen.

STSG: Ooh we can’t wait to read your WIP! We will be on the lookout for it’s release on your blog.

Thanks again for taking the time to chat with us. It’s been great having you and being able to feature your work.

LF: Thank you for having me, you ladies do a wonderful thing in helping indie authors get their work out there to a bigger audience. As I said before, I’m humbled to have been asked.

STSG: It’s our pleasure 🙂

Be sure to head over to Amazon where you can pickup a copy of Out On Business.

An Interview with Cameron Lincoln

Today we are beyond excited to feature an interview with Cameron Lincoln. We’ve featured his work on our blog before, and have been wanting to pick his brain ever since. With his new anthology, Perfect Pleasures, now on bookshelves, we couldn’t think of a better time.

So The Story Goes: We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to chat with us. You’ve been such a wonderful support for our blog, and we’ve been wanting to sit down with you since your last feature.

What made you decide to bring your work together in the anthology, Perfect Pleasures?

Cameron Lincoln: I’ve always wanted to have some of my stories in print, and it was a great way of pulling together a good chunk of my erotic work and still giving people value for money. Getting my work out there as ebooks has been great, but people were endlessly asking when they’d be able to read it the old fashioned way! It says so much for the tactile experience of reading. People will always want that. It was also a nice way to sum up the last year or so – put the full gamut of style and content in one book. Proofing it was really interesting, seeing how I’d changed as a writer, from the earliest chronological story to the most recent

STSG: It’s great that readers can hold one of your print books in their hands. We love curling up with a new book and flipping through the crisp, untouched pages.

As you mention in your bio, your writing focuses on empowering readers through sexuality, which is something that has always drawn us to your stories. Is it ever challenging to incorporate this theme into your stories?

CL: It can be challenging coming up with new ways to do it without repeating myself. As I writer I always want to try something a little different each time – whether that’s in content, style, perspective or theme. After writing all of these shorts, novellas, and a serialised novel, I think I’ve reached a point where I’ve said so much, it’s time to work out what I want to say next. Perfect Pleasures is a good way to take stock of that, to put it all in one place and work out what comes next for me in the erotica genre.

STSG: Of all the stories featured in Perfect Pleasures, do you have a favourite?

CL: I love them all for different reasons. I’ve always said I like the completeness of Extra Marital Pleasures. I like how raw and intense The Madison Banquet and Maria Unchained. I really enjoyed writing the new exclusive story Focus, because it’s somewhat more playful than the others – the characters are lovers and have been for some time. I realised that a lot of my work was about new encounters with strangers; I’d been neglecting the beauty of sexuality between people in loving relationships! That excitement of being with someone you adore and always will.

STSG: A beautiful and exciting time indeed *sigh* We are really looking forward to reading Focus.

We know that you are working on a full length novel entitled “The Mayfly”, which sees your writing shift into the paranormal/fantasy genre. Have you always wanted to write in this genre?

CL: I always have written in this genre, people just haven’t really seen it before! My erotica writing is pretty much dominated everything I’ve done in the past sixteen months or so, but I’ve always written, across a variety of genres. Sci-fi, thriller, drama, horror, fantasy. With The Mayfly I’m hoping to play on a much bigger canvas, and with all the tools and toys I love. It’s a risk because a lot of my audience are passionate about erotica, and their support is astonishing – I just hope they’re willing to take a few steps further with me into the weird and wonderful. I love stories, regardless of genre, and my hope is to tell a good one – and make it beautiful, scary, sexy, exciting, heartbreaking, uplifting. All the things a good story should be!

STSG: We cannot wait!

With your interests spanning over many genres, where do you draw your inspiration from?

CL: Everywhere! An idea for a story can strike at any time and inspiration can come from anywhere. I read novels, I love comic books, I am a movie geek, so there’s always a new story to be devoured just around the corner. It’s filtering through all that great stuff and trying to find a story that I’m passionate about telling.

STSG: Do you have a writing ritual? Something to get you in the mood to write?

CL: To be honest, I’ve drifted away from any form of ritual that lately and I think with The Mayfly, I need to get it back. Real life’s always pulling in so many directions, sitting down and maintaining focus can be hard sometimes. Usually it’s just me, a laptop and a blank screen. I listen to music when I write – more often than not something without lyrics so I can focus on my own words rather than somebody elses. Right now no two days are ever the same! Any tips?

STSG: Unfortunately, no hehe. Both of us have similar writing habits: sitting at a blank screen, listening to music until the words flow. It’s nice to know there are successful writers out there that go through the same motions.

If you could share one thing about yourself with readers, what would it be?

CL: If you’re looking for juicy gossip or titbits, there really isn’t a lot to tell! I’m just a guy who likes to spin a yarn, and if people get a kick out of it, that’s a bonus. I can tell you that I’m passionate about people’s passions. I love hearing people talk about things that they love, and finding new things they love. I love to encourage people to try new things, to embrace their hidden talents, especially when it comes to writing. Every single person you meet and interact with has their own incredible stories to tell, and so many people just need that push to tell them, to get them out, to get them down on paper. I love seeing people create – art, music, writing, whatever. Imagination is the most amazing thing and I love seeing people use it. So use it!

STSG: Very encouraging words. We couldn’t agree more!

Thank you, Cameron, for taking the time to stop by for a chat. It was a pleasure having you.

CL: Thank you so much for having me, it’s amazing that you devote your time to indie authors and help spread the word. It’s a humbling honour to be here.

Be sure to head over to Cameron’s website where you can order your copy of Perfect Pleasures.

An Interview with Shawn Mohr

Earlier this week, we shared with you a never-before-seen short story written by Shawn Mohr. Now, we’re excited to have Mr. Mohr in the hot seat as we ask him some of our burning questions, like will we be seeing more of Irma and Robert (we think you’ll like the answer).

So The Story Goes: Thank you, Shawn, for taking the time to answer some of our questions. We thoroughly enjoyed your story “The Farm” and are quite excited to get to know more about you and your writing

Shawn Mohr: The pleasure is absolutely mine. I’m really glad to hear you enjoyed my story.

STSG: Very much so. It was the perfect continuation to The Diner.

We notice on your website, you have a recent post entitled “Erotica? I dabble…”. Is this a new genre of writing for you? And if so, what lured you to this genre?

SM:  It is a new genre to me. I’ve really only started writing erotic stories in the past few months. As to what “lured” me to it . . . sexual conquest? I wrote a story which led to a very interesting sexual relationship. I guess it’s pretty standard these days to use text as a tool of seduction, what with how frequently people meet and communicate online. I had some practice with the language and rhythm of sexually explicit writing through that sort of online flirting. I’d never really written a formal erotic story before, but I was getting a reaction from my audience, which enticed me to explore the idea some more. It’s been a fun experiment.

STSG: We’re glad you decided to try your hand at a more formal erotic story.

What projects were you working on before dabbling in erotica?

SM: Most of my work has gone into a fantasy novel which I’m hoping to release this fall. I’m expecting some feedback from readers shortly, and then plan to make my final edits. I’ll almost certainly self-publish online while I look for a publisher who’s interested in the property. I also write regular reviews at, mostly on board games and comics. I also have a series of film scripts I’ll be getting back to working on, but they still need quite a bit of work before they’re ready to shop. Did I mention that I’m a nerd?

STSG: Haha no, you didn’t. But that’s quite exciting to hear you’ve already finished a full length novel. I’m sure readers of your erotica will be intrigued to check out your writing in the fantasy genre. We know we are.

With your interests spanning over many genres, where do you draw your inspiration from? And did you come across any obstacles when transitioning between genres?

SM: My inspirations are almost always things I’m frustrated with, or celebrations of overcoming frustration. Take Irma and Robert for example. In general, I’m frustrated that a generation put all their hard work into undoing the accomplishments of our grandparents. In this age of declining capitalism, I’m fascinated with its golden age, the mid 20th century and particularly the United States at this time. To top that off, I once heard that it was estimated that about 50% of the population of Atomic Age America were engaged in some kinky behavior in private (I have no idea how one would accurately measure that). The setting just seems ripe in so many ways. But it sets the stage for the mechanical banality of the advanced capitalist state, which Irma senses long before her society. Like many creative types, I find the daily process of work restrictive and counter-productive for myself, but I recognize what it can accomplish. So, frustration clearly informs my characters and their settings.

That frustration is overcome in my work. Whether its the consensual violence and the permission to break taboos like Robert receives from Irma, or if a hero of legend slays a demonic warlord to rescue a nation, it’s kind of the same release for me. But even these fantastical releases are drawn from my (mostly) real experiences. I love video games and comics and cartoons, so on the fantasy end, there’s a whole host of influences. Each of them add shape and colour to my imagination. In my personal life, I pursue sexual activities much like the ones I write about. I get a really great feeling when my partner not only permits me, but wants me to do things which society says are wrong. It’s a sort of acceptance which is unrivaled in my experience.

I’ve never really experienced much difficulty crossing genres, so long as I’ve got a story to tell. I find my style remains more or less the same, except that the language I use in erotica is more explicit and the phrasing is more baroque. I guess I don’t think about genre very much; the story is what it is. A story either has life and grows into its own thing, or it doesn’t and it inevitably fades away from my focus.

STSG: Well said. You make an excellent point about simply telling your story, no matter what the genre.

Can we expect more chapters in the story of Irma and Robert?

SM: They do seem to be the characters I’ve created that people like the most. I like them too, and I know a fair bit more about their story and the sorts of things that might happen. I’m a little hesitant to start on their next chapter though. I think they’ve got some challenges before then that might keep them from getting very hot over the next little bit. I’m not sure how I feel about leaving the erotic aspect of these characters for a few thousand words. So, yes, there’s more coming but I’m not sure when.

STSG: We can’t wait! Thank you again taking the time to chat with us and for sharing your latest story, The Farm, exclusively with our readers.

To read more of Shawn’s work, be sure to visit his website

An Interview with Aoife Brennan

On Fridays we like to feature a little something extra from the writers we’ve featured earlier in the week. But today we’re especially excited because we’ve got a double feature – an interview AND exclusive excerpt from The Cougar Diaries Pt. 2
We can’t wait to see what this series has in store, but until then, we invite you to sit down with us and enjoy these treats from author Aoife Brennan.

So The Story Goes: Did you always want to be a writer or is this a newly discovered talent?

Aoife Brennan: I have always wanted to be a writer. Since I was very little, I would tell everyone I was going to be a writer when I grew up, but somehow I was just very busy with life. I think when I hit sixteen the world suddenly started spinning very fast and it didn’t let up. Then five years ago I went through a difficult divorce which resulted in bankruptcy for myself and the two children – a little unfairly since my ex managed to wipe his hands of our joint debt. Anyway, I had started a non fiction book on divorce and when everything fell apart, my non fiction book segued into a sex book. I had to do something to earn money and so I thought where there is muck there is brass! But the beauty of poverty is in its freedom; poverty and writing are very good bedfellows.

STSG: What attracted you to the genre of erotica?

AB: I had been meaning to write erotica for ages, but lack of confidence and also being a very respectable middle class woman made it harder too! When my world fell apart it delivered great freedom to me, both in my personal choices and in my ability to write. I was no longer shackled by the notions of respectability and could write anything I wanted. I also discovered as a newly divorced woman that I was attractive to the opposite sex, which first surprised me after my long marriage and then of course delighted me. I wondered if I could bottle that attraction and hence my decision to write erotica was confirmed.

STSG: Throughout the entire story, your main character always finds the courage to come out on top of some very trying and difficult situations. Did you set out to portray such a strong woman or did she simply begin to develop as you wrote?

AB: Sadly my own personal struggles would dwarf Aoife’s. It is but the tip of my own personal troubles that is relayed in my Diary. Of course, trouble doesn’t come in a single blow, it comes in increments so that before you know it, you are knee deep in problems, then thigh deep, then neck, lol but hopefully not above the head.

I learned one very important thing through dealing with my own problems was to a) keep positive and b) keep going in a forward motion. My mum would say: ‘Ever onwards and upwards, maybe sideways but never backwards.” Of course, I often did go backwards but I would never own it and somehow after a while my feet would turn again in the right direction and forward momentum occur. This is the secret to surviving, focusing on the positive and going forward. My situation is not uncommon in modern Ireland where the deep recession and newly available divorce has led to a lot of women left with the children and struggling to survive. I wanted to write the everywoman story. And as this is fiction i wanted to write a new ending, a gloriously happy one. I am doing an ‘Atonement” on my story and giving it to Aoife

STSG: You present many themes within your story that a lot of readers will be able to relate to; starting over, self discovery and losing love, just to name a few. What were some of the challenges you faced with when writing some of the more poignant moments?

AB: I actually found writing about the real life difficulties easy as I had faced pretty much all of them in one shape or another. The piece I baulked at was the first sex scene. I stopped writing for about three weeks as I figuratively girded my loins! Then one Saturday afternoon I took to the bed and started to write. Once I started I could not stop and emerged that night exhausted as if I had run a marathon – I think the task was essentially the same. Once done, I haven’t looked back since and I really enjoy writing those scenes now!

STSG: The strawberry scene – hilarious! We want to know: was this inspired by real life events?

AB: Strawberrygate is purely fictional. I was writing that scene in the back of the car as I waited for my kids to finish training. I started it as a very serious scene and was really getting into it, then from somewhere my wicked sense of humour arose and I thought, I wonder, I wonder. The notion so tickled my fancy i started laughing out loud – I only hope the other parents did not notice my insane guffaws in the back of the car – and so poor Steven met his fate. For those of you who have not read the book, I did an audio version of the scene. I have to warn you although, this audio snippet is not safe for work

STSG: Strawberry gate – haha we love it!

Now, as an added bonus, below is an exclusive excerpt from The Cougar Diaries Pt 2. Enjoy!

Swinging (a scene from The Cougar Diaries Pt. 2)

“But how,” Trish wanted to know, “did you discover that they really were swingers? I mean, was there a code or something.” I thought for a moment before I replied. “No, but Chris had warned me so I was looking for signals. In the end, as we were finishing dinner, Carmel invited me outside to keep her company as she had a smoke. Afterwards she kissed me and everything else fell into place.”

Trish sat back in her chair. “Wow,” she said. “Mad,” she said. “Yes,” I said and I grinned.
The cigarette invitation was a planned one. Afterwards I could see that. Actually even at the time, I had an idea it might be. We’d had some wine during dinner and I was very relaxed. Relaxed as a newt, truth be told. I followed Carmel outside and she lit up. There was a small two man bench on the veranda and she motioned me to sit down, which I did. She sat next me and our legs touched. I could not move away without making some sort of statement. The cigarette smoke smelt nice in the fresh warm evening air. We talked and I can’t really remember what was said, but when she finished she threw the butt into the bushes at the side and put her hand on my thigh. She leant over towards me and kissed me. I was surprised but expectant and so I kissed her back. Her lips were so soft and gentle. I had never kissed a woman before and it thrilled me. Her little tongue snaked into my mouth and I sucked it gently. Her hand rubbed along my thigh and her other hand gently stroked my breast. In response my hands crept up her body and I felt the contours of a woman under my hands. It was utterly different and I was wet immediately. She just felt so soft; I had never experienced anything like it. My hand squeezed her right breast. Oh my god, that felt so good. I knew I wanted to suck it and tease her nipple. I was rubbing harder now and in my urgency undid buttons so I could feel her flesh. My hand first covered the bra and then slipped inside and found the tight hard nipple. I tweaked the nipple between my fingers while feeling the heaviness of her breast in my hand. We were kissing harder now, but still with sweet softness when we heard a cough. We parted, flushed and panting, to see the two men watching us, arms folded and smiling.
*As this story is still being written, edits may be made to this scene before the final draft.

An Interview with B.L. Ronan

We are fortunate to have had the pleasure of sitting down for a chat with friend and writer B.L. Ronan, author of saudade.  Join us as we discuss inspiration and her journey into self publishing…

So The Story Goes: Have you always wanted to write?

B.L. Ronan: i have always been a dreamer – creating and living stories almost constantly.  so in the essence of creating as a writer does, yes. i love words but it was not until middle and high school that i used it as a form of expression.

STSG: Have you always been drawn to poetry as a medium?

B.L.: my mind tends to be lyrical and i therefore have an immediate connection to the medium of poetry and prose. i find i get the most fulfillment out of it because i am able to essentially breathe my heart onto the page.

STSG: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

B.L.: most of what i write stems from an emotion. if i am sad, happy, worried, angry then i tend to formulate emotive images that create a visual, i hope, for what i am trying to convey. other times i am stirred to write by an image i have seen, a song i have heard, by a conversation i have had or an experience that is particularly poignant. i really am inspired by the world and those who inhabit it.

STSG: Do you have writing ritual? Something you do to get in the mood to write?

B.L.: not really. i really just sit down and do it. sometimes it comes easily other times i have to walk away for a bit or look for some added inspiration or ask for a challenge. mainly i write because my soul requires it. i feel unbalanced if i go too long without putting pen to page.

STSG: What inspired you to make the leap into self-publishing?

B.L.: a great deal of writers that i have had the lovely opportunity to get to know and form friendships with either had already published or were getting ready to take the leap. it is something i have wanted to do but wasn’t confident enough to try. i am still not sure it will be a success on a large scale but it will be a true accomplishment to see my words in print. i was inspired by those who believed in me, even when i didn’t believe in myself.

STSG: Many writers describe the road to their first published work as a great learning experience. Would you agree? And if so, what do you feel is the most important thing  you learned about yourself throughout  the process?

B.L.: this process was daunting in many ways as i put myself under a severe time crunch while also in the throes of monumental life change. there were quite a few times when I was sure that it would never be completed. i leaned a great deal by asking those who had already taken this huge step. the indie community is so welcoming….i realized that help was never far.

the road from idea to finished product was very much a learning experience on a personal and professional level. i think each person’s journey will steer a far different course but nothing can compare with seeing your words on the printed page.

STSG: saudade is a stunning collection of poems that seamlessly blends together to read as one persons journey through grief, acceptance, hope, and love. Would you also describe the writing process as a journey, and was it difficult at times to work through those emotions?

B.L.: my heart saturates each piece in this collection. this past year my healing has centered around prose and my struggle to put back together the broken pieces of myself. i wouldn’t say it was hard to write, as i find it far easier to write of my joys and struggles then to express them vocally. for me, writing is a catharsis….a way that i can control the shadows that forever hover in the background. so in that way, it has been a journey of healing…and finding my voice again.

STSG: What would you ultimately like readers to take away with them after reading saudade?

B.L.: wow. i guess i want you to breathe with me. i want my emotive pictures to strike a chord that stirs the heart. i tried to include a wide range of pieces so that at least one might find a home in your memory.

STSG: What can eager readers expect next from B.L.Ronan?

B.L.: i am working on lengthening la rouge into a full length novel/novella. the story is far from finished and i am eager to see what red, wulfe, and the woodcutter’s son have in store for us all. i am hoping that will be ready early fall.

STSG: Fantastic news! We look forward to reading a full length la rouge! Can’t thank you enough B.L. for taking the time to chat with us 🙂

Where to find B.L. Ronan’s work:

An Interview with Chase Boehner

Today we welcome the fabulous Chase Boehner, author of Erotic Escapades: Volume 1.

So The Story Goes: Thank you so much, Chase, for taking the time to chat with us. We are both big fans of your work and are really excited to have you here.

Chase Boehner: Hello, and thank you for having me over to your lovely blog ladies. With this blog being a regular stop for me, I am happy to be here on the other side. It is very humbling to be included in the talent pool you showcase here and it is always nice to sit down with two lovely women and have a chat. Thank you so much for having me 🙂

STSG: The pleasure is all ours, Chase.

Did you always want to be a writer or is this a newly discovered passion?

CB: The easy answer is yes. I have always written from a young age. I started with silly adventure stories as a boy and then horror and drama as a teen and adult. I have notebooks full of half-finished works and plot ideas.

STSG: Why did you choose to start writing in the erotica genre and what do you enjoy most about it?

CB: With the advent of the digital age of books and self-publishing I reconsidered my options and did some research. I saw a plethora of erotic books on Amazon, a market and genre I had never considered. I took a chance after reading and enjoying a few and told my wife that I thought I had something to offer. I am a very sexual person as it is and I had to try. My wife told me to go for it, and here I am.

STSG: Well we are very glad you did!

You manage to convey love and romance in your stories while also pushing the boundaries with some very racy scenes. Do you find this a difficult balance to maintain at times?

CB: I don’t, because that is my natural style of writing. I looked at what some other authors had written and wondered how they come up with their styles, because some are so fascinating, and realized I couldn’t emulate them and hope for success, but had to instead find my own niche and write what interested me through my voice. So, when I sit down to write I just be myself, type away, and hope there is an audience for my voice.

STSG: Do you have a preference between writing female or male characters and is there a favourite you’ve written so far?

CB: I do and hands down it is writing in female POV. I enjoy and love strong women, they motivate my life and I married one. When it comes to writing I like to be in their space and try to see the world through their eyes. I don’t write victims and have no interest in that. My women are take charge and not afraid to ask for what they want or even demand it. On the flip side, they are also not afraid to love and be vulnerable and that, as a total package, is sexy to me.

STSG: And as women, we’d like to say thank you for writing strong female characters. That is certainly one of the things we love about your stories.

The title Erotic Escapades: Volume 1, suggests there may be a Volume 2 on the way (Yay!). What can readers expect next from Chase Boehner?

CB: Currently, at this moment, I am wrapping up my first Erotic/Horror short for Bitten Press. Following that, it is back into part three of Allen and Allie Sex Adventures, more stand alones, a possible Natalie/Jake/Dana short starring characters from The Room and then whatever inspires me. All of the stories I’ve written just flowed from me. I had no idea they were in me and when I was done with each it was just a matter of going back and seeing where the characters took me on their journeys. And down the road in the future I do plan on another collection release but I have tons of work ahead before that happens.

STSG: Excuse us a moment as we do a happy dance! So looking forward to read what happens next for Allie and Allen as well as Natalie/Jake/Dana! And we are definitely intrigued to hear of your Erotic/Horror short.

Do you have any plans for a full length novel?

CB: I do and I don’t. I prefer short fiction. One reason is I think it is easily more re-readable as the time commitment is very short. No matter where you happen to be you can pick up a short and have a good chance of finishing it before you are interrupted. As for a full length novel, I would love to someday. I am first setting my sights on a 20,000 word piece and then I will go from there in increments I hope.

STSG: Are you interested in branching out into other genres in the future?

CB: YES!YES!YES! I want to continue to develop as an author and I have far too many loves than to just stay in one genre. I like the genre blending story I am writing now and may experiment more with that in the future. Horror is a definite stop for me and also some romance. I think, however, that whatever I write will always contain some erotic elements to it because it is true to our base nature.

STSG: What was your biggest obstacle to overcome when deciding to self-publish? Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

CB: The biggest obstacle was just a lack of knowledge and know- how. I am thankful for Amazon for the free publishing guide that, as technically challenged as I am while not being a total Luddite, easily guided me through the whole process. After that it was just your old basic fear of sucking at what you do…lol But, you have to face your fears head on and do your best to overcome them.

As far as advice for aspiring authors, besides the old adage of just do it, is to spend time creating the best product you can. It doesn’t matter if someone is paying a penny or  a c-note for what you do because they are, in fact paying you for your product and they deserve the best you can give them.

STSG: If you could share one thing about yourself with your readers, what would it be?             

CB: That I am a total and complete sarcastic ass to my family and friends and they all still love me because they know there are no more important people on this planet to me than them.

STSG: Aww! If there is anyone that appreciates a sarcastic ass it’s the two of us! Thanks again Chase for sitting down to chat with us.

You can find links to the deliciously steamy Erotic Escapades: Volume 1 and all of Chase’s work at

An Interview with Kenny Wright

We hope you enjoyed our recommendation of Just Watch Me earlier this week. Today we have a special treat – an interview with the author, Kenny Wright, in which he shares more about his writing and a little glimpse into his latest project.

So The Story Goes: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us today, Kenny. We loved Just Watch Me and are thrilled to have you here with us.

Kenny Wright: Thanks for hosting me, and creating this amazing site in support of independent authors.

STSG: You are most welcome! Shall we begin?

What attracted you to begin writing in the genre of erotica?

 KW: I write stories that I want to read. We all know that there’s a wealth of erotica on the internet these days, and while I’ve found a few authors and stories that resonate with me, nothing can compare to erotica that’s custom fit. So I decided to do it myself.

Closely related to the above, I see writing erotica as a way to explore and realize my fantasies in a safe environment. We shouldn’t do everything we fantasize about, but this is a nice alternative.

STSG: You initially wrote the characters of Dean and Danielle in a short story, one that you did not intend to continue (we’re so glad you decided otherwise). Why the change in heart?

KW: The main reason I decided to pick up Dean and Danielle’s stories was all about my readers. The e-mails and feedback I received from fans were all very positive, but many felt that this couple’s story wasn’t finished.

I have a bias against sequels. They’re harder to write than a fresh story because the reader comes armed with a set of expectations–many of which are personal to the reader. Additionally, I didn’t want to burden a new reader with having to got back and slog through an older story. So when I set down to write Just Watch Me, I wanted to make sure that it was a fresh story, something that could stand on its own, not just more of the same.

STSG: It definitely did stand on its own and we’re so glad that your readers encouraged you to write it!

What did you enjoy most about bringing them back to life?

KW: I definitely enjoyed experiencing the love they had for one another all over again. I’m a romantic at heart. In fact, I’ve defined myself as a writer of “romantic erotica“. When writing a story that’s ultimately about a couple bringing another man into their love life, that love is essential.

Aside from that, I loved having a chance to explore their fantasy to its fullest. Rediscovering Danielle was a complete story in my mind. It explored the dangers of a game played between husband and wife and what happens when you don’t properly communicate. Just Watch Me was a wife-watching–and ultimately, wife-sharing–story, and I’m very proud of it. Going back to the first question, I write stories for myself first, and on a purely personal level, it’s going to be hard to write another similarly themed story that’s better.

STSG: Aside from capturing some pretty steamy sex scenes, you also capture and explore some very raw, human emotions in this story, allowing us to connect with your characters on a more personal level. Is this something you strive for with each piece you write?

KW: I think those raw, human emotions and the connections to the characters are key to writing successful erotica–successful anything, really. For me, erotica isn’t just about sex scenes (it’s a fundamental part, sure, but not the only part). What’s the saying about the brain being the biggest erogenous zone? Something like that? Words on a page can only appeal to your brain, and the deeper and more meaningful the appeal, the more powerful the words.

STSG: Well said. We couldn’t agree more!

We’re eager to ask – what can we expect next from the desk of Kenny Wright?

KW: My current WIP is something completely different. It’s about a woman named Natalie who takes advantage of a Groupon for an aerobic pole dancing class and ends up moonlighting as a stripper. It explores the duality of her life as she struggles with the good girl she’s always been, and this darker exhibitionist that begins to emerge. The fun part is that while I have a rough idea of where it’ll end up, I’m along for the ride as much as Natalie.

STSG: Love the idea! We can’t wait to read all about Natalie’s path of discovery to her dark side. Thank you again for taking the time to chat with us. It’s been a pleasure having you and being able to feature your wonderful work.

KW: Thanks again for having me on your site this week. I want to remind everyone that Rediscovering Danielle is still free through the weekend on Smashwords (coupon code: WV45F), and that the best way to support an independent author is to review their work – be it on your own site, on GoodReads, or on the digital marketplace that you bought it. Have a great weekend!

You can find links to Just Watch Me and all of Kenny Wright’s work at

An Interview With Krystina Stevens

We hope you’ve enjoyed our recommendation of Red Letters earlier this week. Today we have quite the treat for you – an exclusive interview with the author, Krystina Stevens, and the big reveal we’ve been giddy about all week.

So The Story Goes: Thank you, Krystina, for stopping by and taking the time to answer our questions. After reading Red Letters, we were very much looking forward to chatting with you! Shall we begin?

The suspense in Red Letters kept us on the edge of our seat the entire time. Is the genre of suspense and mystery one that you’ve always felt comfortable writing?

Krystina Stevens: Yes and no, actually. My forte (if someone so new to the publishing world can have one so soon!) is definitely the thriller genre. My first short story, Lust and Larceny, I think shows that pretty well. I love the action, the thrill, the quick scene changes, the short sentences, the descriptions of gadgets, and so on. So stepping more into a suspense genre did make me slow things down and think them through a bit more. Suspense is much more an emotion than thriller is, in my opinion. You have to get inside the character’s head, then get that character’s feelings inside the reader’s head. Thriller is fun, crash-bang quick in a lot of cases, more raw senses like sights, sounds, and smells, while suspense is trying to get the reader to feel what’s going on, to really become the character: to have their hearts beat quickly when the character opens a mysterious letter, or quickly jump to the next chapter when they can’t stand to wait to see what’s next.

STSG: What lead you to move from short stories (like the ones you’ve previously published) to a full length novel? Was it a hard decision to make?

KS: Don’t tell anyone, this is our secret, but it’s actually the reverse of that. I always wanted to write a novel, THIS novel, as the idea behind Red Letters had been floating around in my head for quite some time. But I knew that I needed to get my feet wet in both writing and publishing, plus I wanted to build an audience and a reputation before putting out a full novel. Yes, I know, it may sound crass or “un-artistic”, that some people see writing as just the pursuit of art and would gasp at anyone calling it a business, or even approaching it this way. But we authors have to face facts: writing is a business, and when you go the self-published route, you have to have some business savvy, or all that hard work in writing the story won’t be realized, since no one will see it. So the writing of the short stories was not only a blast (I LOVE Ariana Walsh, she kicks ass!), but it was a business decision to help launch a novel. There will be a few more Lust and Larceny – I plan to make it into a 4 or 5 part short story series in one volume.

STSG: As females, the friendship between Tania and Katie was very easy to relate to (and Katie was absolutely hilarious – we think of Annie Hoes every time we see tequila now). Were any of their characteristics or interactions based on real life?

KS:  Everyone has a Katie, somewhere at some time! Everyone has that foil that keeps them sane, that shows them that not all is bad, or keeps them young, or makes them laugh, or hugs them when they need it. Real life? Maybe, probably, but no one Katie for me in particular. Do you have a Katie? 🙂

STSG: We definitely both have a Katies. We won’t let you know who they are though (too much dirt on the both of us hehe).

If you were to get a mystery red letter delivered to your door, what would you do?

KS: Wow, I really had to stop and think on this question! My first reaction would be fear and apprehension, as in am I being stalked? Is someone watching me? Am I in danger? But then I think I’d be thrilled, because it’s probably a fan letter from someone who read the book.

STSG: We are dying to know what the future holds for Tania and Martin. Will there be a sequel?

KS: Tania’s life changed radically in the last few chapters of Red Letters. Readers of the story will come to that last page and either flip out angry at me, or close the book and stare at the wall wondering what they missed, or simply hit me on Twitter with “what’s next???” (Which they have…a LOT.) So, here it is, the first official published notice of this: there will be a sequel to Red Letters. Tania’s life isn’t done changing. Work is already under way, pieces of the outline falling into place, and Tania and Martin have a long road ahead of them (as do all couples!) However, unlike most couples, their road holds a whole lot more twists and turns. Oh, and Katie’s coming with them – of course!

STSG: Excuse us for a moment while we do a happy dance. Did you hear that everyone?! There is going to be a sequel to Red Letters. We are so thrilled to hear this! Thank you again for sharing this news exclusively with So The Story Goes. We will be counting down the days until the sequel’s release.

You can find links to Red Letters and all of Krystina Steven’s work at

An Interview With Charming Man

We hope you’ve been enjoying Mid Air Collusion week. Good news – it’s not over yet. We are extremely excited to welcome Charming Man as our very first guest here at So The Story Goes!

So The Story Goes: We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to sit down and chat with us. We’ve been wanting to pick that clever, and rather charming, brain of yours for quite some time now.

Charming Man: Thank you very much, I’m very humbled to be here…I think the idea behind So The Story Goes is fantastic and I’m truly honoured that you asked me along to kick off the launch…Not sure my brain is ripe for picking right now though…Pickling maybe…I trust you’ll go easy on me… 😉

STSG: We’ll try and be gentle.

Have you always wanted to be a writer or was this an evolving passion?

CM: This is a very interesting question and one I often ask myself throughout my life in fact!  And by that I mean I always seem to be re-evaluating my life.  A close friend once commented that I am like Madonna, in that I always seem to re-invent myself every 5-7 years!  And he’s right to a certain extent, I do, but often the change is forced upon me.

I grew up not really knowing what I wanted to do in terms of a career.  I loved English at school and enjoyed writing stories, but I never thought beyond that, except maybe once, when I briefly considered a career in journalism.  I remember one fateful day at school, I was offered the chance to do an O level in Computer Science, which sounded fascinating “back then”.  O level became Alevel and A level became degree and suddenly at the age of 21, my options seemed limited and I found myself in the world of IT.  I’m not knocking it; I’ve had a very fulfilling career to date, worked on some very interesting projects in some very exciting parts of the world.  But with hindsight I wish I’d given the matter a little more thought!  It seems the older I get, the more the geek wanes and the artist emerges!  Better late than never as they say!

STSG: Indeed. When it comes to your stories we’ll take late over never any day! Now give us a moment here CM as we try and shake the image of you in a cone bra out of our heads.

Your bio explains how you started down the path of writing erotica, do you find it difficult being a male writer in this genre?

CM: Do you know, until the fact that over 90% of erotica is written by women was pointed out to me, I had no idea!  Do I find it difficult writing erotica as a male, or difficult being accepted as a male erotica writer?  Either way, the answer is no!  There is the generalised argument that men prefer porn, whereas women prefer erotica, so maybe that explains why the erotica market is predominantly female driven, but it puzzles me that there should be this black and white divide.  Sex is a massive industry and I think it fair to say, it’s a subject that touches each and every one of us throughout our lives.  Sex makes the world go round just as much as money does (and often the two meet of course!).  If I want to refine it further, romance and love make the world go round.  Virtually every film made today has a romance element to it.  We all crave love and romance and ultimately that happy ending!  Porn doesn’t address any of these issues.  It deals with the sex and for many (ok, the majority being males), that’s the only escape they require.  For me, erotica goes that step further in uniting that desire for romance, the thrill of the chase of meeting someone and the sexual hunger that develops.  For me, erotica is porn and oh so much more!  And I don’t see why this should be any more difficult for a male writer to express than a female.  It’s just the perspective that changes!  And I have to say, rather than finding it difficult gaining acceptance as a male in a predominantly female industry, I find the complete opposite in fact.  I’m often told by women how refreshing it is to read erotica from a male point of view.  So in a way, it’s a feather in my cap!

STSG: Well said CM. As readers, we too find it refreshing and rather intriguing to read erotica from a male point of view.

Do you yourself read erotica and if so, do you have a favourite author or book?

CM: This is going to sound awful, but I’m actually not a great reader!  It’s not that I don’t like to read, I just don’t seem to have the time!  I always seem to be on the go!  When I do make time to read, just as when I do make time to sit down and watch something on television, my body seems to take the opportunity to shut down and I doze pretty quickly!  But I do love escapism.  I do love to get lost in a story, be it a film or a book.  Once I’m hooked, I’m hooked.

Having said that, I have read several works of erotica of late, since developing my fan base on Twitter and rubbing shoulders with other like-minded erotica indie authors.  And I have to say I am both overwhelmed and impressed with the volume and quality of the work out there.  The only trouble is, because I write erotica too, I find myself analysing the whole time, comparing writing styles!

STSG: Where did the inspiration for Mid Air Collusion come from? Was there a particular real life incident that prompted the idea?

CM: I think it’s pretty well documented on my website and blog posts that I thrive on the notion of encounters between strangers; that intimate eye contact, perceived smile or knowing look that conveys a connection and possibly asks the “what if?” question.  I unashamedly have encounters like these all the time and I openly admit that nine times out of ten I’ve probably imagined the connection!  But it doesn’t matter; whether I imagined it or not, the point is, it’s fueled my imagination.  And once my creative juices start flowing, my mind whirs into overdrive.  As I explained in one of my blog posts, I love to take the seed of a perceived connection and hone it into a finely tuned fantasy, playing it out in my head over a matter of days or even weeks until it’s perfect!

And it was one such encounter that sowed the seed for Mid Air Collusion.  I was with a work colleague at Schiphol airport in the Netherlands; we had been working at the airport in fact, carrying out some condition monitoring on a fleet of helicopters (all very technical stuff!) and we were in the departure lounge on our way back to the UK.  And it was the briefest of encounters.  This young woman, sitting opposite and reading a book, suddenly looked up at me.  We stared for a split second longer than normal; she smiled and returned to her book.  But it was enough for me!  From that brief encounter, my idea for Mid Air grew!

STSG: Wow! And to think, that woman has no idea what an incredible book she inspired!

We like how you tied in Sex, Lies, and Videotape to the story as it carries the similar theme of sharing intimate stories with strangers. How much, if any, inspiration did the movie provide when developing the idea?

CM: I do love that film!  But it wasn’t a conscious decision to base the idea of my two characters on the plot in any way.  James and Nikolina needed to engage each other and it had to be erotic! I simply threw in the reference to Sex, Lies and Videotape to get the ball rolling!  In the film, the character played by James Spader very much got his kicks from interviewing women about their sexual fantasies.  In Mid Air, I think neither James nor Nikolina had a pre-disposition to wanting to hear about other people’s fantasies.  The reference to the film simply guided them down that intimate path and helped them establish a connection.

STSG: James and Nikolina share stories of a very intimate nature with each other, making for an incredibly hot read by the way. Why do you think the idea of such a personal exchange with a stranger is so intriguing?

CM: A good question!  What I think is so appealing is the very fact that the two are so diametrically opposite; one would normally expect only close friends or lovers to discuss such intimacies.  But for two complete strangers to engage each other in this way is highly flirtatious and provocative.  It’s all part of the delicious cat and mouse game; that thrill of the chase, the inner desire for erotic excitement that I believe lies within us all!

I also think that once the connection between James and Nikolina was made, they were both keen to convey that understanding to each other, let the other know they were on the same wavelength.  And they were therefore willing to lower their guard to each other, daring each other on!

STSG: I’m sure inquiring minds are wondering, how much of your own fantasies/experiences are reflected in your stories?

CM: Ha ha, if I had a pound, dollar, yen, whatever, every time I was asked this question!  For sure, all my stories are based on my fantasies.  I think I’ve made that very clear.  I’m constantly contriving ideas in my head, often based on the flimsiest of contact with someone in the real world.  I think you’ll find if you read the opening 1000 words of my teaser for “An Affair Of The Mind”, you’ll be left in no doubt!  I recently proclaimed that this is going to be my first attempt at a full length novel.  Is it semi-autobiographical?  Ha ha, I’ll let you decide!

STSG: Ah, after reading the teaser for “An Affair of the Mind”, we admit we couldn’t help but feel that it may be somewhat semi-autobiographical.

CM: And again, as my website bio explains, I started writing erotica after spending a number of years engaging women in chat rooms as a means of staying sane, following the loss of my wife many years ago.  Out of those encounters, the likes of “Beach Encounter”, “Ariana”, “A Greek Tragedy” and “A Country Caper” were born.  So yes, very real experiences!

If the question you’re alluding to is how much of my stories are based on my actual physical experiences over the years, then I would say this:  If I wrote with authority about how to strip down, clean and reassemble a car engine (random I know!), would you turn to me after reading it and ask if I’ve ever actually touched an engine before?!

STSG: Touché!

Do you ever chuckle when you pass row 34 in an airplane, or find yourself waiting at Gate 25?

CM: This is an incredible question, because you’d think the answer would be yes!  But no, I never have!  How remiss of me!  But as it happens, I am leaving for the airport in the next couple of hours, spending three days down in France.  And I will most certainly take a photo of Gate 25 and Row 34 while I’m away…Watch this space!

STSG: Ha! If we ever sit in lucky row 34 of an airplane we’re sure we’d do so with a wicked grin. Thank you for the pictures.

Many readers (ourselves included)  are dying to know what the future has in store for James and Nikolina. Do you have plans for a sequel?

CM: I wrote Mid Air over a number of years, long before I developed the notion that I would publish any of my work.  I threw the opening chapter down on paper after having the connection with the young woman I mentioned earlier and revisited the story when I had the chance.  It has quite possibly been my longest slow burner to date!  When I first launched the Charming Man website and entered the world as an indie author, I only had “Night Vision” and “Beach Encounter” as completed works.  When I dusted off the chapters of Mid Air, James and Nikolina had just finished telling their stories.  And that was it.  When I first read it I was horrified!  I spent hours searching my hard drive, screaming “There must be more, it can’t end there!”  But there wasn’t any more.

Obviously I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone yet to read it, but for sure the ending is begging for a sequel.  And in fact I have more than that on ice.  Ha ha, I get into so much trouble on Twitter for making promises that I fail to deliver in a timely fashion!  And here’s another!  If I set my mind to it, Mid Air Collusion could so easily be a full length novel.  Next question!

STSG: Well you heard it here folks! The pressure’s on now, CM. It’s probably safe to speak for all fans when we say YES, Mid Air Collusion needs to be a full length novel! That being said, obviously you’re very busy. Your website lists a number of books awaiting release. Which one should readers anxiously anticipate first?

CM: Lest you remind me!  I have an idea, I write the teaser, I promote the teaser, I get everyone excited and inside I’m thinking “Just when am I going to get the time to finish that?”  Charming by name, teaser by nature!  If anyone gets frustrated with me, please know, I am equally frustrated.  But I do have a plan!

If all goes well, I hope to clear the backlog of short stories by the end of this year.  So I’m hoping to roll out “A Greek Tragedy”, “The Hitcher”, “A Country Caper” and “A Tension Seeker Calls” over the coming months.  “The Attic” and “The Secret Garden” are still very much embryonic; I like The Attic a lot!

Dare I say it, “A Greek Tragedy” has actually been finished for some time, but I’ve been deliberating its release.  It’s a little less vanilla shall we say!  “Ariana” for me was a genuine love story between a young woman and an older man, but I can see that some might’ve felt uncomfortable reading it.  Following it with “A Greek Tragedy” might not be wise, just because it’s finished!  Or am I being over-precautious?!  Or simply teasing again?!

So if all goes to plan, I hope to complete the short stories by the end of the year and then release them as a compilation under one title.  And then get back to “An Affair Of The Mind”.

STSG: Well now you really are being a tease! Fans are waiting CM, and “A Greek Tragedy” is surely burning a hole in your hard drive. It should be said though, releasing them as a compilation is a great idea. We look forward to it!

Those who know you know your talents do not end with writing erotica. In addition to writing under Charming Man you also have projects on the go with Stop Making Sense (the writing workshop of Andy Wilkins). What can fans expect from Andy Wilkins in the future?

CM: Ha ha, what’s the expression, Jack of all trades, master of none!

Long before writing a word of erotica I wanted to be a comedian.  I so admire stand-up comedians for having the balls to get up there and risk dying a death trying to make us laugh.  And it was that fear that held me back when I was younger.  I always felt I could write the material, but it’s all in the delivery.  And when fear takes over, there is no delivery!

So I set up Stop Making Sense as yet another vehicle, somewhere to park an idea that one day I might come back to.  I would’ve kept quiet about it and left things to Charming Man, after all he’s keeping me busy enough as it is!  But Charming Man recently suffered a couple of “unfair” Twitter suspensions and I decided to use the time to at least make people aware of the existence of this other project.  It also seemed a rather apt time to “come out” if you like, put a name to Charming Man.

Some time ago I promised myself that I would write a book, dedicated to my five year relationship with my late wife.  She was a wonderful woman and the story of our all too brief relationship wouldn’t seem out of place on the Charming Man bookshelf.  But I will write this under my own name, through Stop Making Sense, more a romance than a work of erotica.  And it will capture the essence of our relationship from start to finish.

I also have a rather lovely idea for a sequel, which goes beyond our relationship, again very much based on real-life events and a little paranormal in nature.  And in keeping with current trends, I almost feel compelled to mention a third book in the trilogy, but as yet I’ve no idea what that would be about!

I do believe all these things are achievable…I’ve just long since given up any idea of retirement!

STSG: You can retire when you’re dead CM, you’ve got a lot of work to do! 😉 It sounds like there are a lot of really exciting projects on the go, and as fans of yours, we really look forward to reading your work for many years to come!

Thank you again CM for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us. It’s been an absolute pleasure having you here for our launch week and we look forward to having you back again soon.

CM: It’s been a pleasure ladies…I’ve thoroughly enjoyed talking to you…I think I’ve enough ideas in me to keep me going for a few years yet…I do hope I don’t leave you with one final teaser that gets left unfinished after I’m gone!  If it should happen, I’ll do my best to finish it from beyond the grave!  I wish you all the best with So The Story Goes…I’ll happily support you and any other indie authors out there as much as I can…You can’t beat the kindred spirit that’s out there…And I look forward to coming back again, whenever you want me!  Thank you!

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