Poetry Wednesday: Untitled Poem by Rayona Tuneelo

It’s Poetry Wednesday once again and we’re very pleased to be featuring the fabulous Rayona Tuneelo. We were introduced to this British poet on Google+ and were instantly drawn to her poignant and powerful prose. Having only been writing poetry for 6 months, Rayona has already amassed an impressive collection of work. Her words are genuine, impassioned and raw. We trust you’ll enjoy the following poem and hope you’ll check out more of her work.

I’m not quite sure I understand.
What there is to get.

These little lines are pointing,
Telling signs,
Convulsing into fret.

You breathe.
You walk.
You tell the time.

To strangers.
Passing on their way.

But what is our time?
Where are our lines?
What is it you wish to say?

I’m certain.
I don’t know what this,
This pang exploding in my chest.

Is telling me.
Is it yelling to me?
Shouting out in loud protest?

It’s utterly.
More demanding than I’d like this place to be.

We’re inbetweeners.
Stuck in solitude.
Between the free.

I think I know.
A little bit.
About some things.
But not a lot.

Not about you.
Not what you feel.
Not this mystery tied up in one great knot.

It’s not that fair.
The words I write.
When I don’t tell you all of me.

But you don’t ask.
So what’s to tell?
This notion could be one sweet fantasy.

I’m not quite sure I understand.
But sometimes truth is worse to find.

It’s better playing in the game.
Than standing outside on the line.

Poetry Wednesday: Poets And Poetry by Caroline Juliette

Today’s brand new poem comes from the lovely and talented Caroline Juliette, and couldn’t be more appropriate for our Poetry Wednesday feature. In this beautiful and expressive poem Poets And Poetry, Caroline shares with us the intimate and delicate process of a poet writing a new piece and reminds us of how powerful the written word can be.

A penstroke is our caress
Words on the page the fingertips
Following every curve
Fulfilling every desire
Pleasure beyond measure
To the depths of our aching souls
We make love with our words
You push
I pull
Never giving up
Ecstatic in our release
Sweet words
Seductive words
Satiating until there are no more
Words become a lifeline
A connection to our hearts
Poets and poetry
Our dreams, hearts, and souls
Splattered on the page for all to see
Made up of 26 letters
I hope you take away all I give
And leave a comment if you may

Poetry Wednesday: My Private Universe by DebraDML

Today we are pleased to feature the very lovely @debradml. As Deb’s blog indicates, she is a proud mother and nurse who has recently begun to express herself through poetry once again. We here at STSG are so glad she has. Her poems are poignant, heartfelt and, as you’ll see here, beautifully sensual.  Deb’s kindness and passion clearly shine through her words and we hope you’ll take the time to explore more of her work http://debradml.com/


My Private Universe

I am awoken
My soul ignited
Desires burning deep
Thoughts of you
Your words replaying
Reaching me in my sleep
Leaves me yearning
For your touch
Your warmth
Your embrace
Your kiss
Your love
I need you
Do you feel it too
The electricity
That uncontrollable pull
Like on the verge
of an orgasm
The anticipation
Longing for release
I’m waiting
For our connection
In my private universe
Come find me!


debradml 2013

Poetry Wednesday: B.L. Ronan Challenges You To…

Our poet friend B.L. Ronan (you may remember B.L.  from our feature of her book, saudade) is hosting something quite special on her blog today. She challenged her fellow poet friends to create a piece that included the line “kissed by the lapping of the waves“. In response, these poets have created some beautiful pieces that are all must reads.

We couldn’t resist sharing this challenge with you as B.L. has rounded up some of our favourite poets, many of whom we’ve featured in the past on So The Story Goes. Swing over to the challenge here, and see if one of your favourites have written something. Thank you B.L. for bringing together all of this wonderful talent.

Poetry Wednesday: Mara by BadgerTheReader

Today we’d like to draw your attention to the supremely talented @BadgerTheReader . We were first introduced to Badger through his deliciously sensual Angelicus stories (http://opusangelicus.com/). If you haven’t already, we definitely urge you to check them out. As today is  Poetry Wednesday however, we are featuring one of BadgerTheReader’s marvellous poems, titled Mara. This is a dark yet truly magnificent piece of work and one of our personal favourites.

I wandered lonely on the beach
Mile after mile of golden sand
And came across a maiden fair
Combing her flowing auburn hair
With a skeletal hand

My heart within me solid froze
As I watched this grisly sight
Of those bleached bones
Being used as combs
Fear readied me for flight

Then she turned and looked at me
Held me fast with steady gaze
Come sit and be with me awhile
She said with such a welcome smile
I stumbled forward in a daze

An Angel’s voice to me did speak
Take not another step brave man
As it will be your last I fear
For she is death that you draw near
And she will claim you if she can

The scales lifted from mine eyes
Her true self then I saw
Where sat before a comely maid
Now sits a vision from the grave
Her smile a rictus maw

I turned and ran as she called out
It matters not to me
As we shall meet again one day
For death doth over all hold sway
And I shall come for thee

Now in the autumn of my years
I think back upon that awful day
When Heavens’ Angel rescued me
Giving me the strength to flee
And Deaths’ fell hand did stay

© 2013 BadgerTheReader


You can also listen to this breathtaking poem as read by the author – http://audioboo.fm/boos/1445507-mara

Poetry Wednesday: The Lesson by Benjamin Prewitt

Today we’d like to draw your attention to an extremely talented artist, Benjamin Prewitt. In addition to being a father, traveler, and fighter living with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease, Benjamin is both a painter and poet.  The intensity of his passion not only seeps through his paintings but shines through his words. Benjamin’s poetry ranges from whimsical and inspirational to more erotic tones with poems such as The Lesson which we are featuring today. The Lesson is Part I of III and we strongly urge you to continue on to read all three of these beautifully provocative poems.

Part I – The Lesson

She came to me softly like angles did speak.
For it seems that somehow, her interest I’d peaked.
Far older that I a student she’d seek.
Thought of me timid, mild or weak?
The first glance did I give and no ring could be found.
Just a line on her finger as her eyes looked to the ground.
Hours of talking, laughter and kiss
Soon I would have her my pretty new miss.
Each time that she came for me a little she’d take but,
I’d keep some for me and watch as she ached.
Just a little bit further, she’d beg and she’d plead.
Nothing she’d get to satisfy her need.

You can find Part II and III as well as enjoy more of Benjamin’s erotic work here http://angelicdreamsanddevilshdesires.wordpress.com/

You can also visit his art site and indulge in the beauty of his paintings  http://benjaminprewitt.com/

Poetry Wednesday: saudade by B.L. Ronan

Today we have a very special treat for you. Our friend, B.L. Ronan, has graciously shared with us the cover of her new poetry collection, along with an excerpt from one of her poems. We hope you enjoy!

ladies and gentlemen:

i can hardly believe the day has finally arrived for me to share this milestone – my baby – with you. this beautiful cover was conceived by the exceptionally talented @justarandomscot and i have been so excited to share his creation with you.

so without further ado………my cover!!!!!

isn’t she beautiful! it is the epitome of my writing process. curled up in my bed (we need ambiance for such steamy scenes — hehe) with my notebook and pen, laptop at the ready, and coffee cup not far out of reach. this very space is where saudade was conceived.

it is hard to believe i wasn’t even composing eight months ago and after weeks of inspiration, tears, bloodshed, and elation i am about to present to you shards of my very soul. well…it is pretty inconceivable.

i had with great hesitation decided in february to push myself to this challenge of creating a compilation with nearly 50 new piece of work. i didn’t want it to be a mishmash of randomness nor did i want it to be a book of only one aspect of prose.

i remembered finding a picture of a tattoo on pinterest with the word saudade printed across the forearm. when i looked down at the explanation i felt an immediate connection and it stuck with me.

saudade does not have an english equivalent and there are many interpretations for its meaning. however, the most poignant and beautiful one was shared by my portuguese speaking beauty, a.

feeling of incompleteness…due to the absence of someone or something…or the absence of a set of particular and desirable experiences and pleasures once lived. – Scott Edward Anderson

writing saved me, healed me, brought me strength through love, friendship, and once again gave me purpose. this collection is an amalgamation of all these complex facets that were elated, heart wrenching, hopeful, hopeless, and my salvation.

i am so excited for you to walk this journey with me and connect with my words. but until they are available to hold, touch, and consume…..

on tuesday, may 14, 2013

……you can have a sneak peek of what lies in wait behind this gorgeous cover here and at the links below.

hope you enjoy.

xxx b

……excerpt from until you.

each day

each day

my heart feels less bruised

my soul more firmly stitched

and slightly joyful.

with you,

my smile comes with ease –

i laugh

though it is rusty from disuse.

i can remember the sun’s kiss,

the wind’s caress,

and what it means

to hope



© 2013 b.l. ronan

b.l. ronan

chase boehner

literati literature lovers

corey chance

Poetry Wednesday: Song of the Siren by Magenta Nero

We were recently introduced to the magnificent work of a writer that goes by the name Magenta Nero. She is an extremely talented erotica writer that writes across many genres including dark fantasy, paranormal, BDSM, and Gothic romance. Her poems are intensely captivating and will have you mesmerized right from the start. Today we are pleased to feature Song of the Siren as this was our first glance into the world of Magenta Nero. We trust you will find it as poignant and mystifying as we did. Enjoy.


Song of the Siren

I saw Her shimmering form, coiled on the rocky shore.
Her body flashed like glass in the sun
and I was drawn by the tune that hummed in my heart,
She called my secret name.
Through the crashing waves Her song was woven
and She reeled me in, Her willing catch.

When I reached Her side
I was mesmerised by Her perverse beauty.
Her skin sparkled with flashing colour,
Her bronze locks draped Her full breasts and hips like fine silk,
Her large eyes were a shocking blue
and Her smile was
She spoke not a word but
curled Herself around me
and plunged into the cold ocean,
pulling me under to Her abyss.

At first I was frightened and tried to resist,
kicking foolishly, scrambling to surface, gasping for air,
but Her briney kiss silenced my fear
and sealed my fate
and the pain in my chest peaked until
my limbs fell limp
and then we twirled like butterflies
down through the misty blue.

Here, below, I am slave and consort.
I gratefully offer my existence to Her,
for Her haunting voice leaves me doubled with desire,
Her eyes upon me fill me with craving,
and Her magnificent powerful tail lashing against my body
is of ecstasy never to be found in the world above.
She enjoys watching my helplessness,
Her cruel laughter ripples softly
through the deep dark water.

Some days we swim to the surface
and play in the refracted sunlight,
darting through the shadows.
Or we sit on the rocks and She
allows me to braid Her hair.

But my Mistress is burdened with grief and guilt.
Often She sits alone on the jagged cliffs weeping,
She has lost favour with the Gods, She says.
I cannot bear to witness Her pain.
I offer Her my body, my soul, my heart, my blood
and finally She smiles Her treacherous smile,
finding my devotion amusing
but desiring me nonetheless.
She ravages me fiercely on the rocks,
devastating me with her unearthly pleasures,
and leaving me cut and torn,
She laughs and dives back into the sea.

Do not pity me, I am blessed.
She has taken me into Her realm
and freed me from the falsities of the upper world.
Her kingdom is the ocean floor
where light does not touch
Her sadness.
She wraps me in Her glorious tail,
holding me tightly against Her delicate scales,
for all eternity our embrace,
She sings to me and
Her song is my beating heart.

(C) 2013 Magenta Nero

Poetry Wednesday: Rose by SW36

Today’s poetry Wednesday feature is courtesy of SW36 (Sal). Sal discovered writing quite by chance and we’re really glad she did. Having only embarked on this journey six months ago, she has already exhibited a great talent for writing both short stories and poetry. Whether it be a feeling, a passing thought, or something as simple as a wilted rose providing inspiration, Sal manages to infuse raw emotion, sensuality and classic beauty into her words. It is our pleasure to present to you, Rose

Long stemmed
As red as sin.
A symbol
Of our love.

Sweet scented
And so precious.
Messages sent
With this beautiful flower.

Messages of love,
Affection and desire.
Satin soft petals
Telling me your need.

So many sent
And received.
Each one cherished
And revered.

But the roses
Began to fade.
To whither,
Wilt and die.

Just like
The love we shared.
Hearts no longer
Belonging to each other.

As I stood
Faded roses in hand.
I heard you say
Nothing lasts forever

I watched
As you walked away.
My heart crumbling
Like the dried petals.

And like the rose
Our time to blossom
And shine
Had come to an end.

© SW36 2013

Poetry Wednesday: Free by Brandon Harris

Today we’re excited to feature the extremely talented fledgling poet, Brandon Harris. He has been gracious enough to share with us why he began writing and what his inspiration was behind this poem.

“I have been writing poetry for 5 months now and it has helped through many problems in my life from depression to bullying. I have never been told I can write in my life, so writing poetry has become a sort of self discovery. It has allowed me to become me and who I am today is a direct result of my poetry and those who have supported me and continue to support me. This poem is about my struggle with being bullied and when I had to say “enough is enough”

We were very honoured to have the opportunity to share this truly heartfelt, raw, and emotional poem – Free

Gets up
Only to be knocked down
Same thing
“Today is a new day”
Again the bullies come
Not Today
“I will stand defiant”
No more
He pushes back
Fights back
Claws his way out of their grasp
No longer will I be down
From now on I will be