Our Christmas Wish List

We’ve been busy little elves getting ready for the Christmas break; trimming the tree, baking cookies and finishing up our wish lists. In the midst of all the cheer, we thought – why don’t we share a wish list with all of you? So that’s just what we’ve done. We’ve put together a list of all the wonderful books we’ve featured this year. Any one of them would make a great gift idea for that hard to shop for friend, or someone on your list that loves to read! And Amazon has made it super easy for you – you can send any eBook as a gift so you don’t have to worry about which eReader they use. It’ll just show up in their email on whatever day you’d like. How wonderful is that?

We hope you all have a very merry Christmas. See you again in 2014. Happy reading!

Mid Air Collusion by Charming Man: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008QZA7PY

The Muse Unlocked by Chris Kuhn: http://amzn.com/B00EKTOT04

Perfect Pleasures by Cameron Lincoln: http://www.cameron-lincoln.com/perfect-pleasures.html

Out On Business by Lisa Fulham: http://amzn.com/B00E3EQOAE

Opus Angelicus by Steve Richards: http://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00FPQVV5C

Sharing Kate by Chase Boehner: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BH786VA

Red Letters by Krystina Stevens: http://amzn.com/B00APOHOJQ

The Cougar Diaries by Aoife Brenan: http://amzn.com/B00BHIUK6S

Extra Marital Pleasures by Cameron Lincoln: http://amzn.com/B008GMWVLU

Just Watch Me by Kenny Wright: http://amzn.com/B00CF5GNTA

Erotic Escapades by Chase Boehner: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CM1ZR8K

Saudade by BL Ronan: http://amzn.com/B00CQUFOI0

Blog Tour: Chris Kuhn and The Muse Unlocked

We’re very excited to start this week off with something new here on So The Story Goes – our very first blog tour visit. And we’re thrilled that it’s by a favourite of ours, Chris Kuhn, and her book, The Muse Unlocked. We first featured this book when it was released back in August, and since then it has been getting some wonderful praise amongst readers. Now, Chris is hitting the (virtual) road to share some extra goodies with new and existing readers alike. She’ll will be with us on our blog and Twitter all week with some wonderful extras (including a deleted scene that you won’t want to miss), so be sure to check back for more Oliver and Cate goodness! Today we get a rare glimpse into the heart of Oliver in this brand new poem, To Prove.

To Prove
A poem inspired by THE MUSE UNLOCKED by chris kuhn

It is so very easy to doubt
A pretty face rarely compels
There’s still a lot to prove
Though that face always sells.

But your words give me power
They awaken, stir me inside
And though I’ve yet to earn them
They yield truth, nowhere to hide.

How can I ever convince you
This is not a game or a ruse?
Everything I had locked away
Now has been opened by you.

Don’t be fooled by these masks
And what reeks of deception
It is simply a means to an end
To plot out a rousing reception.

But you have brought me forth
Reached inside and led me here
A place of truth I never imagined
And one that I no longer fear.

Please don’t let me return there
To become a canvas merely seen
Let me breathe life into your words
And prove that voice should be me.

Where to find this book:
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/The-Muse-Unlocked-Series-Volume/dp/1489557962/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1377273672&sr=8-1&keywords=the+muse+unlocked

Poetry Wednesday: Untitled Poem by Rayona Tuneelo

It’s Poetry Wednesday once again and we’re very pleased to be featuring the fabulous Rayona Tuneelo. We were introduced to this British poet on Google+ and were instantly drawn to her poignant and powerful prose. Having only been writing poetry for 6 months, Rayona has already amassed an impressive collection of work. Her words are genuine, impassioned and raw. We trust you’ll enjoy the following poem and hope you’ll check out more of her work.

I’m not quite sure I understand.
What there is to get.

These little lines are pointing,
Telling signs,
Convulsing into fret.

You breathe.
You walk.
You tell the time.

To strangers.
Passing on their way.

But what is our time?
Where are our lines?
What is it you wish to say?

I’m certain.
I don’t know what this,
This pang exploding in my chest.

Is telling me.
Is it yelling to me?
Shouting out in loud protest?

It’s utterly.
More demanding than I’d like this place to be.

We’re inbetweeners.
Stuck in solitude.
Between the free.

I think I know.
A little bit.
About some things.
But not a lot.

Not about you.
Not what you feel.
Not this mystery tied up in one great knot.

It’s not that fair.
The words I write.
When I don’t tell you all of me.

But you don’t ask.
So what’s to tell?
This notion could be one sweet fantasy.

I’m not quite sure I understand.
But sometimes truth is worse to find.

It’s better playing in the game.
Than standing outside on the line.

Poetry Wednesday: Poets And Poetry by Caroline Juliette

Today’s brand new poem comes from the lovely and talented Caroline Juliette, and couldn’t be more appropriate for our Poetry Wednesday feature. In this beautiful and expressive poem Poets And Poetry, Caroline shares with us the intimate and delicate process of a poet writing a new piece and reminds us of how powerful the written word can be.

A penstroke is our caress
Words on the page the fingertips
Following every curve
Fulfilling every desire
Pleasure beyond measure
To the depths of our aching souls
We make love with our words
You push
I pull
Never giving up
Ecstatic in our release
Sweet words
Seductive words
Satiating until there are no more
Words become a lifeline
A connection to our hearts
Poets and poetry
Our dreams, hearts, and souls
Splattered on the page for all to see
Made up of 26 letters
I hope you take away all I give
And leave a comment if you may

An Interview with Cameron Lincoln

Today we are beyond excited to feature an interview with Cameron Lincoln. We’ve featured his work on our blog before, and have been wanting to pick his brain ever since. With his new anthology, Perfect Pleasures, now on bookshelves, we couldn’t think of a better time.

So The Story Goes: We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to chat with us. You’ve been such a wonderful support for our blog, and we’ve been wanting to sit down with you since your last feature.

What made you decide to bring your work together in the anthology, Perfect Pleasures?

Cameron Lincoln: I’ve always wanted to have some of my stories in print, and it was a great way of pulling together a good chunk of my erotic work and still giving people value for money. Getting my work out there as ebooks has been great, but people were endlessly asking when they’d be able to read it the old fashioned way! It says so much for the tactile experience of reading. People will always want that. It was also a nice way to sum up the last year or so – put the full gamut of style and content in one book. Proofing it was really interesting, seeing how I’d changed as a writer, from the earliest chronological story to the most recent

STSG: It’s great that readers can hold one of your print books in their hands. We love curling up with a new book and flipping through the crisp, untouched pages.

As you mention in your bio, your writing focuses on empowering readers through sexuality, which is something that has always drawn us to your stories. Is it ever challenging to incorporate this theme into your stories?

CL: It can be challenging coming up with new ways to do it without repeating myself. As I writer I always want to try something a little different each time – whether that’s in content, style, perspective or theme. After writing all of these shorts, novellas, and a serialised novel, I think I’ve reached a point where I’ve said so much, it’s time to work out what I want to say next. Perfect Pleasures is a good way to take stock of that, to put it all in one place and work out what comes next for me in the erotica genre.

STSG: Of all the stories featured in Perfect Pleasures, do you have a favourite?

CL: I love them all for different reasons. I’ve always said I like the completeness of Extra Marital Pleasures. I like how raw and intense The Madison Banquet and Maria Unchained. I really enjoyed writing the new exclusive story Focus, because it’s somewhat more playful than the others – the characters are lovers and have been for some time. I realised that a lot of my work was about new encounters with strangers; I’d been neglecting the beauty of sexuality between people in loving relationships! That excitement of being with someone you adore and always will.

STSG: A beautiful and exciting time indeed *sigh* We are really looking forward to reading Focus.

We know that you are working on a full length novel entitled “The Mayfly”, which sees your writing shift into the paranormal/fantasy genre. Have you always wanted to write in this genre?

CL: I always have written in this genre, people just haven’t really seen it before! My erotica writing is pretty much dominated everything I’ve done in the past sixteen months or so, but I’ve always written, across a variety of genres. Sci-fi, thriller, drama, horror, fantasy. With The Mayfly I’m hoping to play on a much bigger canvas, and with all the tools and toys I love. It’s a risk because a lot of my audience are passionate about erotica, and their support is astonishing – I just hope they’re willing to take a few steps further with me into the weird and wonderful. I love stories, regardless of genre, and my hope is to tell a good one – and make it beautiful, scary, sexy, exciting, heartbreaking, uplifting. All the things a good story should be!

STSG: We cannot wait!

With your interests spanning over many genres, where do you draw your inspiration from?

CL: Everywhere! An idea for a story can strike at any time and inspiration can come from anywhere. I read novels, I love comic books, I am a movie geek, so there’s always a new story to be devoured just around the corner. It’s filtering through all that great stuff and trying to find a story that I’m passionate about telling.

STSG: Do you have a writing ritual? Something to get you in the mood to write?

CL: To be honest, I’ve drifted away from any form of ritual that lately and I think with The Mayfly, I need to get it back. Real life’s always pulling in so many directions, sitting down and maintaining focus can be hard sometimes. Usually it’s just me, a laptop and a blank screen. I listen to music when I write – more often than not something without lyrics so I can focus on my own words rather than somebody elses. Right now no two days are ever the same! Any tips?

STSG: Unfortunately, no hehe. Both of us have similar writing habits: sitting at a blank screen, listening to music until the words flow. It’s nice to know there are successful writers out there that go through the same motions.

If you could share one thing about yourself with readers, what would it be?

CL: If you’re looking for juicy gossip or titbits, there really isn’t a lot to tell! I’m just a guy who likes to spin a yarn, and if people get a kick out of it, that’s a bonus. I can tell you that I’m passionate about people’s passions. I love hearing people talk about things that they love, and finding new things they love. I love to encourage people to try new things, to embrace their hidden talents, especially when it comes to writing. Every single person you meet and interact with has their own incredible stories to tell, and so many people just need that push to tell them, to get them out, to get them down on paper. I love seeing people create – art, music, writing, whatever. Imagination is the most amazing thing and I love seeing people use it. So use it!

STSG: Very encouraging words. We couldn’t agree more!

Thank you, Cameron, for taking the time to stop by for a chat. It was a pleasure having you.

CL: Thank you so much for having me, it’s amazing that you devote your time to indie authors and help spread the word. It’s a humbling honour to be here.

Be sure to head over to Cameron’s website where you can order your copy of Perfect Pleasures.

Perfect Pleasures by Cameron Lincoln

A  single mother crafts her perfect fantasy using a very special service…

A dominatrix plays a game that will change her perception forever…

A secret affair is revealed with unexpected consequences…

Today marks a very exciting day for fans of Cameron Lincoln. His anthology, Perfect Pleasures, has been released in print form (yes that’s right, you can hold a little piece of Mr. Lincoln in your hands).

Perfect Pleasures collects six of Cameron Lincoln’s stories: Maria Unchained, The Madison Banquet, Submissive Desire, A Friendly Rivalry, Extra Marital Pleasures (one of our personal favourites) and the BRAND NEW story, Focus. As an added bonus, you will also find several of Cameron’s poignant poems (which we’ll admit we’ve spent many hours swooning over) within the pages of Perfect Pleasures.

We are so pleased to once again be featuring Cameron’s work. Not only are his stories intensely erotic, but he does a beautiful job at weaving in themes of love, empowerment, and self discovery into every tale. Be prepared to “Enter a world of erotic thrills and romantic, sensual encounters.  A world of adoring couples, sexual explorers, and lost souls found again through love, lust and liberation” when you pick up your copy of Perfect Pleasures.

Where to find this book:
Website: http://www.cameron-lincoln.com
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Cameron-Lincoln/e/B0082LNLY6

Poetry Wednesday: My Private Universe by DebraDML

Today we are pleased to feature the very lovely @debradml. As Deb’s blog indicates, she is a proud mother and nurse who has recently begun to express herself through poetry once again. We here at STSG are so glad she has. Her poems are poignant, heartfelt and, as you’ll see here, beautifully sensual.  Deb’s kindness and passion clearly shine through her words and we hope you’ll take the time to explore more of her work http://debradml.com/


My Private Universe

I am awoken
My soul ignited
Desires burning deep
Thoughts of you
Your words replaying
Reaching me in my sleep
Leaves me yearning
For your touch
Your warmth
Your embrace
Your kiss
Your love
I need you
Do you feel it too
The electricity
That uncontrollable pull
Like on the verge
of an orgasm
The anticipation
Longing for release
I’m waiting
For our connection
In my private universe
Come find me!


debradml 2013

Poetry Wednesday: B.L. Ronan Challenges You To…

Our poet friend B.L. Ronan (you may remember B.L.  from our feature of her book, saudade) is hosting something quite special on her blog today. She challenged her fellow poet friends to create a piece that included the line “kissed by the lapping of the waves“. In response, these poets have created some beautiful pieces that are all must reads.

We couldn’t resist sharing this challenge with you as B.L. has rounded up some of our favourite poets, many of whom we’ve featured in the past on So The Story Goes. Swing over to the challenge here, and see if one of your favourites have written something. Thank you B.L. for bringing together all of this wonderful talent.

Poetry Wednesday: Mara by BadgerTheReader

Today we’d like to draw your attention to the supremely talented @BadgerTheReader . We were first introduced to Badger through his deliciously sensual Angelicus stories (http://opusangelicus.com/). If you haven’t already, we definitely urge you to check them out. As today is  Poetry Wednesday however, we are featuring one of BadgerTheReader’s marvellous poems, titled Mara. This is a dark yet truly magnificent piece of work and one of our personal favourites.

I wandered lonely on the beach
Mile after mile of golden sand
And came across a maiden fair
Combing her flowing auburn hair
With a skeletal hand

My heart within me solid froze
As I watched this grisly sight
Of those bleached bones
Being used as combs
Fear readied me for flight

Then she turned and looked at me
Held me fast with steady gaze
Come sit and be with me awhile
She said with such a welcome smile
I stumbled forward in a daze

An Angel’s voice to me did speak
Take not another step brave man
As it will be your last I fear
For she is death that you draw near
And she will claim you if she can

The scales lifted from mine eyes
Her true self then I saw
Where sat before a comely maid
Now sits a vision from the grave
Her smile a rictus maw

I turned and ran as she called out
It matters not to me
As we shall meet again one day
For death doth over all hold sway
And I shall come for thee

Now in the autumn of my years
I think back upon that awful day
When Heavens’ Angel rescued me
Giving me the strength to flee
And Deaths’ fell hand did stay

© 2013 BadgerTheReader


You can also listen to this breathtaking poem as read by the author – http://audioboo.fm/boos/1445507-mara

An Interview with B.L. Ronan

We are fortunate to have had the pleasure of sitting down for a chat with friend and writer B.L. Ronan, author of saudade.  Join us as we discuss inspiration and her journey into self publishing…

So The Story Goes: Have you always wanted to write?

B.L. Ronan: i have always been a dreamer – creating and living stories almost constantly.  so in the essence of creating as a writer does, yes. i love words but it was not until middle and high school that i used it as a form of expression.

STSG: Have you always been drawn to poetry as a medium?

B.L.: my mind tends to be lyrical and i therefore have an immediate connection to the medium of poetry and prose. i find i get the most fulfillment out of it because i am able to essentially breathe my heart onto the page.

STSG: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

B.L.: most of what i write stems from an emotion. if i am sad, happy, worried, angry then i tend to formulate emotive images that create a visual, i hope, for what i am trying to convey. other times i am stirred to write by an image i have seen, a song i have heard, by a conversation i have had or an experience that is particularly poignant. i really am inspired by the world and those who inhabit it.

STSG: Do you have writing ritual? Something you do to get in the mood to write?

B.L.: not really. i really just sit down and do it. sometimes it comes easily other times i have to walk away for a bit or look for some added inspiration or ask for a challenge. mainly i write because my soul requires it. i feel unbalanced if i go too long without putting pen to page.

STSG: What inspired you to make the leap into self-publishing?

B.L.: a great deal of writers that i have had the lovely opportunity to get to know and form friendships with either had already published or were getting ready to take the leap. it is something i have wanted to do but wasn’t confident enough to try. i am still not sure it will be a success on a large scale but it will be a true accomplishment to see my words in print. i was inspired by those who believed in me, even when i didn’t believe in myself.

STSG: Many writers describe the road to their first published work as a great learning experience. Would you agree? And if so, what do you feel is the most important thing  you learned about yourself throughout  the process?

B.L.: this process was daunting in many ways as i put myself under a severe time crunch while also in the throes of monumental life change. there were quite a few times when I was sure that it would never be completed. i leaned a great deal by asking those who had already taken this huge step. the indie community is so welcoming….i realized that help was never far.

the road from idea to finished product was very much a learning experience on a personal and professional level. i think each person’s journey will steer a far different course but nothing can compare with seeing your words on the printed page.

STSG: saudade is a stunning collection of poems that seamlessly blends together to read as one persons journey through grief, acceptance, hope, and love. Would you also describe the writing process as a journey, and was it difficult at times to work through those emotions?

B.L.: my heart saturates each piece in this collection. this past year my healing has centered around prose and my struggle to put back together the broken pieces of myself. i wouldn’t say it was hard to write, as i find it far easier to write of my joys and struggles then to express them vocally. for me, writing is a catharsis….a way that i can control the shadows that forever hover in the background. so in that way, it has been a journey of healing…and finding my voice again.

STSG: What would you ultimately like readers to take away with them after reading saudade?

B.L.: wow. i guess i want you to breathe with me. i want my emotive pictures to strike a chord that stirs the heart. i tried to include a wide range of pieces so that at least one might find a home in your memory.

STSG: What can eager readers expect next from B.L.Ronan?

B.L.: i am working on lengthening la rouge into a full length novel/novella. the story is far from finished and i am eager to see what red, wulfe, and the woodcutter’s son have in store for us all. i am hoping that will be ready early fall.

STSG: Fantastic news! We look forward to reading a full length la rouge! Can’t thank you enough B.L. for taking the time to chat with us 🙂

Where to find B.L. Ronan’s work:
Website: http://thesacredroad.wordpress.com/
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CQUFOI0