What types of written work will you feature?
We love to feature works of all kinds and will accept poetry, short stories, novellas and novels.

Are your recommendations genre specific?
No. We will feature any genre – romance, erotica, suspense, sci-fi, paranormal, YA, mystery…the list goes on. As long as you are an indie writer, we will take a look at your work.

How do you determine which writers and pieces to feature?
Many of the pieces we feature are those that we’ve stumbled upon via Goodreads, Twitter, etc., and have grown to love. But just because we haven’t stumbled upon your work yet, doesn’t mean we won’t love it. Be sure to get in touch with us and you may end up featured on So The Story Goes.

I have a new book coming out soon and would like to do some advance promotion.
We would be happy to help spread the word about your upcoming publication and will gladly feature:
– Blog tours
– Cover releases
– Teasers
– Interviews
– Contests

*Please note that in order to promote your publication, we will need to read it first to ensure it fits our site.

I’m not a writer, but I know of someone who would be a great fit for your site.
It’s wonderful that there is a writer out there whom you want to promote – that’s what it’s all about! Please feel free to email us with the info, and if we like what we see we’ll get in touch with them.

How do you obtain the books you review?
The books we review have either been purchased by us or have been given to us for consideration by the author.

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