An Interview with Lisa Fulham

Today we’re thrilled to be sitting down with Lisa Fulham, author of Out On Business. We’ve been a fan of this wonderfully witty lady for quite some time, and were quite excited when her debut novella was recently released. Pull up a chair and join us, as we get to know Lisa better.

So The Story Goes: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. We know you’ve been busy with some great projects, like #ProtectYourBreasts, so we’re glad to have you here.

Lisa Fulham: Oh believe me, it’s my pleasure. I was stunned and thrilled when I received the request to do this. It’s still a very strange feeling to be considered a writer let alone one that people want to interview J I think I’m still flying high on the success of #ProtectYourBreasts. If one person finds a lump at the early stages because of this awareness campaign then the world of twitter has managed to save a life which is magnificent.

STSG: It truly is. It was such a wonderful campaign to be a part of. Congrats on its success! Now, shall we get started?

After penning several poems and short stories, what made you decide to take the leap into self publishing your first novella?

LF: Well believe it or not, I didn’t begin this story with the intention of publishing. There was no way I thought I was ready for that. Out on Business began just like all of my other stories, destined to be on my blog. My blog stories tend to be around 3,000 words. So there I was, writing this story and I realised that these characters had so much more to say than I could fit into a blog piece. I’m not one for splitting my work so the thought of releasing it on my blog in sections didn’t appeal to me. I’m very impatient you see and when others have taken that route I’ve been like a petulant child and sulked until the next installment came out. I am so fortunate to have the friends that I have because when I told them that publishing this story was what I wanted to do, they supported, encouraged and even bitch slapped me when I needed it. So long story short (it may be too late for that) this story told me that it should be published rather than me making the decision.

STSG: Haha that’s what friends are for! We’re glad they gave you that push because we loved reading the tale of Lucy and Blake.

Did you come across any challenges in writing something as long as a novella (compared to short stories)?

LF: Oh the road to writing this story was filled with challenges. There were times when I wanted to delete the whole file. Where I doubted I was good enough, if the story would capture the imagination of the reader and even if I was doing my supporters an injustice by putting this work out into the world. Could you imagine if the people who had supported me the most hated my story? As you can see, all these fears came from within myself and its not easy trying to win a fight with yourself, believe me. Editing was a huge challenge for me. It’s as if the devil himself says “so you think you wrote something well do you? Let’s just take another look and see how wrong you are.” I was so nervous releasing this and I am filled with joy every time someone tells me they enjoyed it. Hearing that makes all the blood, sweat and tears all worth while. Paper cuts hurt like a bitch!

STSG: Aside from your love of nylons and suits, where do you draw inspiration from when you write?

LF: Can we really put that aside? I’m not sure I physically can lol.

STSG: You make a very good point. I don’t think we can either *drools*

LF: Inspiration comes from all around us; the world is ripe with it. Movies, songs, laughter—I took a walk down the canal with my dog and wrote a poem that touched my heart and made me ache. We rush through life, but if we open our eyes and look around ourselves, inspiration can and will be found.

STSG: We loved watching Lucy take matters into her own hands. Did you set out to portray her as this confident woman? Or did she naturally develop into that?

LF: I think a bit of both if I’m honest. I didn’t want to write a female character who lay there and simply waited for the guy to make all the moves, that’s been done to death I think. Every writer I’ve spoken to has said that you cannot help but put a part of yourself into everything you write. It may be something as simple as a line you use or maybe it’s a character trait you have. When it comes to Lucy I think I put in the fact that I am the most shy confident person I know. I can be the life and soul of the party, the champion of a cause and I do not shy away from expressing my feelings. On the flip side of that I sometimes find it hard to open up to people. I can sometimes sit back and let the conversation swirl around me unsure if I should jump in or not. Lucy is shy and meek in her day to day interactions, but she has a shrewd business mind and she knows what she wants in life. That’s what I wanted to write. Overly confident people irk me. Not because I’m not like that, but because I tend to find that they are actually filled with more fear than the people who are openly shy. I like people who are REAL, fakes have no place in my world at all. And as I said, I had no interest in writing about a woman who had nothing much about her.

I think that’s why I wrote the story from both POV’s. I didn’t want Blake to be the master of his universe with a screw you attitude either. I wanted both characters to be real and attainable.

STSG: What can we expect from you next? Will there be more in the tale of Lucy and Blake?

LF: I’m currently working on a story that should be for my blog, but once again my characters are telling me they may have more to say than my word limit allows. I doubt I will publish it, but it may be a damn long blog lol

As for Blake and Lucy, I’m inclined to say there will be no more. I know that many who have read it want there to be more, but I like the fact that I stuck to the promises that they made. I like the way the story ended with so many possibilities. I think that is a true reflection of life and that kind of experience, anything could happen.

STSG: Ooh we can’t wait to read your WIP! We will be on the lookout for it’s release on your blog.

Thanks again for taking the time to chat with us. It’s been great having you and being able to feature your work.

LF: Thank you for having me, you ladies do a wonderful thing in helping indie authors get their work out there to a bigger audience. As I said before, I’m humbled to have been asked.

STSG: It’s our pleasure 🙂

Be sure to head over to Amazon where you can pickup a copy of Out On Business.

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