Blog Tour: Chris Kuhn and The Muse Unlocked

We’re very excited to start this week off with something new here on So The Story Goes – our very first blog tour visit. And we’re thrilled that it’s by a favourite of ours, Chris Kuhn, and her book, The Muse Unlocked. We first featured this book when it was released back in August, and since then it has been getting some wonderful praise amongst readers. Now, Chris is hitting the (virtual) road to share some extra goodies with new and existing readers alike. She’ll will be with us on our blog and Twitter all week with some wonderful extras (including a deleted scene that you won’t want to miss), so be sure to check back for more Oliver and Cate goodness! Today we get a rare glimpse into the heart of Oliver in this brand new poem, To Prove.

To Prove
A poem inspired by THE MUSE UNLOCKED by chris kuhn

It is so very easy to doubt
A pretty face rarely compels
There’s still a lot to prove
Though that face always sells.

But your words give me power
They awaken, stir me inside
And though I’ve yet to earn them
They yield truth, nowhere to hide.

How can I ever convince you
This is not a game or a ruse?
Everything I had locked away
Now has been opened by you.

Don’t be fooled by these masks
And what reeks of deception
It is simply a means to an end
To plot out a rousing reception.

But you have brought me forth
Reached inside and led me here
A place of truth I never imagined
And one that I no longer fear.

Please don’t let me return there
To become a canvas merely seen
Let me breathe life into your words
And prove that voice should be me.

Where to find this book:

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